Wigs for Hair Loss: Alopecia

Monday, 26 March 2012

One of the reasons someone may require the use of a wig or hairpiece is the medical condition known as alopecia. Alopecia is the general term used for hair loss. The hair loss may appear as a small bald patch on the head or the loss of all the hair, even throughout the entire body. This can be very distressing for the individual and as the head is what is seen most by people, it may be that they want a wig to cover up the effects of alopecia. A wig may promote confidence and help the sufferer to deal with having the condition.

The types of wigs on offer are human hair wigs and synthetic wigs; there are disadvantages to both as outlined below:

Human hair wigs - Advantages

- They look very natural and are ideal for everyday use when you want the hair to look as natural as possible as to not draw attention to the wig

- They can be styled however way you like and by using heated styling appliances

- They can be used for up to one year on average, which is a good life span for a wig used everyday

Human hair wigs - Disadvantages

- They are more expensive than synthetic hair and can vary in prices depending on the brand

- They can be more difficult to style and getting the hang of styling the wig at first can be quite tricky

- They lose colour more quickly and darker colours can turn slightly reddish

Synthetic hair wigs - Advantages

- They are already styled for you so there is no need for self-styling as they are pre-styled and so keep their shape after washing which can be highly convenient for when you are in a rush

- They are less expensive than human hair wigs, quite considerably so in some brands and styles, which is a good considering they need to be changed more frequently

- They are 'colour-fast' so will not fade in the sun, unlike human hair wigs where the colour does fade

Synthetic hair wigs - Disadvantages

- They cannot be exposed to heat as it damages the fibres - this means they cannot be placed on or near a radiator to dry and heated styling irons cannot be used on the hair

- The colour of the hair is permanent and therefore cannot be changed or dyed - a new wig would need to be purchased if a colour changed was required.

- The hair doesn't last as long as human hair and needs to be changed more regularly depending on how much it is used. The hair can start to frizz on longer styles and cannot be restyled once this happens.

Does Using Birth Control Pills Cause Hair Loss?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Estrogen is a group of steroid compounds which is extremely important in the functioning of female sex hormones. The compound is often used in contraceptive pills as well as menopausal and hormone replacement treatments. Although estrogen is present in both men and woman the levels are incredibly higher in woman. They promote the development of female characteristics such as breasts and help to increase uterine growth. Although estrogen is very important to your body if it is over produced then there can be problems. The hair growth phase will be extended if you are increasing the level of estrogen in your body, this can cause more than 10% extra growth. This extra growth will encourage the hair to fall out quicker than normal and can leave you with noticeable bald patches.

Birth control pills

This type of birth control pill has been available since the 1960's and is the most popular form of birth control. Millions of women take it every year and very few experience any side effects at all although some do. It is taken for many reasons not only as a birth control method but to also help with acne, hormonal problems and to regulate periods. Although it is very effective many woman do not know that one of the side effects of the pill is hair loss. The pills have one primary goal and that is to suppress ovulation, since you need added levels of estrogen to achieve this goal your body will notice an imbalance. Some women are more prone to hair loss and the birth control pill will encourage this loss, the degree of hair loss can vary between women. Some will experience very little and others will have a lot and in extreme cases you may in fact lose it all. If you have hair loss in your family then you should mention this to your doctor before they prescribe you birth control pills.

Estrogen and birth control

When taking birth control pills there is too much estrogen being produced in your body which can result in your hair growing far too quickly? You hair will be completing its growing phase faster than it should and this will then cause your hair to fall out. This hair loss can be concerning especially if you are losing it quite rapidly. Although it may be essential for you to take birth control you can ask your doctor if it is possible to take an alternative. There are birth control pills which contain less estrogen and these may be better suited to you. You do not want to be worried about hair loss as it can be devastating for woman to lose their hair. If you can find an alternative to your birth control pill then you should see a halt to anymore hair loss.

Self confidence and hair loss

Losing any amount of hair can be worrying especially when there you think you can't stop it; you may have gone from beautiful long thick hair to hardly any hair. A woman's hair will represent her beauty and for some women how the hair looks is very important. Although when taking the birth pill some hair loss may happen you can do some things to counteract this. Try changing your shampoo and see if this helps with the hair loss, sometimes a mix of too much estrogen and harsh products will make the problem worse. If this doesn't help then the only alternative is to talk to your doctor, once they have ruled out all other medical reasons then you may have to stop taking your birth control pill. If your self confidence is getting low because of the hair loss then you will need to find a solution to make you feel better about yourself.

Other solutions

Although many people will advise to stop taking the birth control pill there are other things you can do before having to do this. You should try to wash your hair in very gentle organic shampoo and ensure that no harsh chemicals are applied. Try to dry your hair naturally and avoid hairdryers and straighter as these can damage your hair. There are also other nutrients and vitamins which you can take which will help with your hormonal imbalance. Zinc, nettle root and B6 have all been proved to help with the problem of hair loss and are easy enough to find and take daily. B6 is ideal as it helps to produce more blood and helps your body to deal with stress. By boosting your immune system you will be trying to find a solution to a problem that could go on for years. Simple things can help to allow your hair to grow naturally and make you feel better about the way you look.

Although there are many things you can do when you begin to experience hair loss, only you will truly know what is working for you. Some things will help with the hair loss and other things will simply be pointless. You should try some of them before deciding to come off the birth control pill and if you do then you must find some other form of contraception. There are many other products available for you to try which won't have the problems of estrogen but are as effective. You will need to discuss any changes in your birth control with your doctor as they will be able to advise the best thing for you.

Hair Loss Treatment - Two Proven Ways To Stop Hair Loss

Monday, 23 January 2012

Hair loss is a very common problem nowadays. Although many people think that only men are vulnerable to hair loss, the fact is that women can also suffer from this problem. In this article I will write about the most common causes of hair fall and some popular ways of treatment.


There are many various causes of the condition, however, androgenetic alopecia causes hair loss problems in more than 70% of people. Both men and women can suffer from it. If you have androgenetic alopecia, your hair will not fall off instantly. First, it will become much thinner and only then you will notice that your hairline is receding. Poor nutrition, hormonal changes and some medications as well as forms of medical treatment can also provoke the condition.

Women and teenage girls can notice hair fall during hormonal changes. For example many women can experience this problem during pregnancy. If you one of them - do not worry because, in most cases, your hair will grow back and be normal again after your child is born and hormonal balance in your body is restored.

The Most Popular Treatments

If you are already bald, the most effective way for you is to use surgery. It is expensive, however, you the results are almost instant. I am talking about hair transplant. Your surgeon will move your hair follicles from one part of your body to balding area. It is called Follicular Unit Transplantation or simply FUT. I will not discuss this type of hair loss treatment here but if you are really interested in it, EzineArticles has many great articles around the topic.

If your hair loss is not yet very serious, the best solution for you would be to use minoxidil. This is the only FDA approved topical solution that is clinically tested and is proven to be really effective. Men should use products that contain 5% of minoxidil and women should use products that contain 2% of minoxidil. Personally, when I suffered from excessive hair fall, minoxidil really helped me and I noticed results in two months, however, my scalp was always itching and I had dandruff. These two side effects of minoxidil really annoyed me.

While various topical solutions fight only with the results of the problem, it is also very important to fight with initial causes. You should consume more vitamins, iron and other supplements that are responsible for healthy hair.

4 Secrets That Will Help You to Have Healthy, Full, Beautiful Hair

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Many people have heard the saying that a woman's hair is her glory. Is the same true when your hair is frizzy, limp, and dry? I think that many of us would feel like our hair looks less than glorious when it is in this state.

There are 4 simple things that we all can do to help enhance the health and appearance of our hair. All you have to do is to try them out, and benefit from the results.

4 Secrets For Healthy Hair

· Sleep on a Silk or Satin Pillowcase
· Give Yourself Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatments
· Drink Water
· Juice Fruits & Veggies

Satin or Silk Pillowcase

This is a very important tip if you have curly or African American hair. Traditional cotton pillowcases dry out the hair by absorbing most of the moisture that may be present in the hair.
So, stop letting your pillowcase steal from your hair. Switch it out with a nice satin or silk pillowcase. Your hair will thank you for saving it from unnecessary thirst.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

With the crazy and hectic schedules that many people are facing today it is hard to do something as simple as cook a great meal. Don't mention a 30-45 minute deep conditioning treatment for their hair. But, if you want soft supple luscious hair you need to condition your hair on a weekly basis.

Find a great deep conditioner. After shampooing apply the deep conditioner, then apply a conditioning cap, and sit under the dryer for 30 to 40 minutes, then rinse.

If you do not have conditioner on hand, then you can simply mash up an avocado and mix in some olive oil and apply to your hair giving special attention to the ends. Apply a conditioning cap, and keep on for an hour if you do not have a dryer. Rinse and style regularly.

The avocado will restore the moisture in your hair and the oil will provide shine.

Drink Water
It is so easy to get caught up throughout the day drinking coffee, sugary juices, and sodas. I know because I am a sugar lover.

On the other hand, no matter how much of these sugary liquids you consume nothing will ever compare to the cleansing, healing, and nourishing power of water. Not only does water hydrate your body, it will work absolute wonders for your skin and hair. So drink up.

Juicing Fruits & Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are full of the essential vitamins that are necessary to grow your hair long, healthy, and strong. However, who can fit 10 to 20 of these babies in with their daily meals?

The people who juice are able to fit these all in with ease. Some people use three to four fruits and veggies in the form of 3 glasses per day. Or if you are bold you can put in as many as you like. I suggest that you combine complementary produce for taste.

By juicing your body will be super charged and energized. Your body will be nourished from the inside out, and your hair will thrive.

Now that you know the 4 secrets that will help you grow and maintain great hair.

Female Hair Loss - Checklist For Helping To Determining Cause

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Loss of Hair

All people have a normal loss of hair of about 50 to and 150 strands a day. When these strands fall out they naturally grow back. But there is no need to count the hair strands everyday, if you have a condition that is causing excessive loss of hair you will see excess hair in your brush, sink, towel, pillow or even as in my case, your spouse will tell you have excess loss of hair.

If you are losing more hair than normal then there is some underlying condition causing it.

Reasons for loss of hair in women:

Stress - Hair loss from this condition may be caused by an emotional or physical event in your life. An important point to note is that you may not notice your loss from this condition till two to three months after the event. But once you have got past the event that caused your stress, your hair will most likely grow back six to nine months later.

But there is a condition called alopecia areata, caused by stress, which will cause your hair to fall out in patches. This is caused by your immune system attacking your hair follicles resulting in partial or total hair loss. If you have this condition your hair may grow back naturally or you may even need treatment.

Medicines - There are all different types of medicines that can cause you to lose your hair, from birth control pills to acne medication may cause hair loss. Like in stress, your hair will go into sleep mode and you will not notice this loss till two to three months after you start taking a new drug.

Working with your doctor, you may be asked to stop or switch drugs till you find out which one is causing the problem. This may take several months or more, depending on how many drugs you are taking, to determine which drug is causing the problem.

Thyroid - A malfunctioning thyroid is more common in women than in men. When this happens many different conditions such as weight gain, loss of energy, hair loss or your hair becoming dry and brittle are some of the symptoms of a thyroid gone wrong.

If you are diagnosis with a thyroid problem, discuss with your doctor the right drug for you to help with your thyroid problem and ensure it does not cause any more loss of hair.

Female Pattern Baldness (FPB) - This is the most common type of hair loss in women. This condition is identifiable by determining if either of your parents have pattern baldness, your hair loss started when you approached or are in menopause, or you have some other condition causing a hormone imbalance in your body.

The Truth On Unexplained Hair Loss Brought To Light

Thursday, 1 December 2011

You've started to experience hair loss and you've done your due diligence in tracking your family tree. You've gone back as far as you can, but still can't find anyone that has had balding or even receding hair issues. Both sides of the family have been checked and there is no connection with issues to the hair.

It seems that you are at a crossroads and can't explain why you're experiencing this problem. Are you the first one of the family tree that will have this ailment? Bringing to light a phenomena a fact that may have the seeds of understanding why you and others are experiencing the issue of loss of hair.

Working and living in today's environment has shed new light on how it affects people health. It's all around us and it seems that we cannot escape it. What I'm talking about is the amount of toxins that has polluted the environment through illegal and unsupervised dumping of toxic chemicals.

If it seems that you've have gone through and totally eliminated family members on both sides of the genealogy tree, that hair loss doesn't exist. Then a hard look at the environment that you're living in may be the culprit.

Unexplained hair loss can be explained in certain circumstances on this issue. The issue of a toxic environment. These toxins can exist in many types of materials. From heavy metals and metal salts, if inhaled over a substantial period of time can affect the body and then the loss of hair can happen.

Yes, I know it sounds unbelievable but it is a possibility. This is just one of the many reasons why there is so much concern about how contaminated waste is cleaned up. hair loss is one of the many after effects that can happen if toxic waste isn't properly disposed of.

Unexplained hair loss can also occur by other chemicals that we don't even know about. Arsenic is one of the silent killers of the environment that can cause havoc with people's health. It would be astounding to a lot of people that arsenic can also reside in glassware, fungicides, insecticides that is sold over the counter at hardware stores. Prolonged use of weed killer can also promote arsenic into the environment.

Being in contact with at least this type chemical puts our health at risk. Let it be warned that these products will definitely affect your general health and must be taken into account if you are experiencing unexplained hair loss.

One of the best antidotes to offset this type of environment is staying healthy. Eating a diet with a lot of protein, regular exercise and making sure that vitamins are part of your daily intake can go a long ways in fighting this problem of hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment - Restore Lost Hair The Natural Way

Monday, 14 November 2011

No one wants to deal with the frustration that is involved with hair loss, as it can be a difficult road to travel down. If you're not one of the millions of people that are gifted with perfect hair through old age, and are starting to see your follicles letting go of the scalp and falling, it's time to take charge. Finding out the root cause of the loss is the first step to learning how to move forward with regular vigor. If you're looking to grow hair naturally, consider the following 3 elements that can help in a variety of ways. These will help most, but doesn't guarantee that 100% of the population will see positive results, but don't panic if they don't help, there are far more options to explore before you go with something drastic.

Healthy Living - The first thing that you should know is that health plays a major role in the loss of hair. If you're not taking your vitamins, eating well, exercising regularly, your body can send you signals like rapid follicle loss. To reverse this warning signal, you have to look into taking a multivitamin, perhaps joining a gym, and supporting your immune system to hold onto what you have and eventually grow hair naturally. It's never a bad idea to eat well, exercise more and enjoy life.

Supplements - Some people swear by supplements, and others are quick to be skeptical. However, there is no denying that some people see a lot of results with many different herbs and natural remedies. One such remedy is Saw Palmetto, which is derived from the palm tree and can help regrow hair from the scalp level. It literally reverses the damage and forces the scalp to produce more, causing effects to wear away and damage to disappear.

Olive Oil - This oil is not just for cooking, it can help thinning hair. You have to be careful not to put too much in the hair, but lightly coat the hair and leave it in for 30 minutes a day, washing it out with warm water, can help with the restoration of fluidity in the strands and strengthen roots to stay attached to the scalp.

The above 3 options can help grow hair naturally, and it's interesting to see more and more people jumping on board to agree. You can't fix the problem if you don't know the root cause, so it's vital to try the aforementioned things, and continually move forward with options that will help naturally.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy lifestyle. It is no wonder a natural approach to hair treatment has the greatest impact on putting an end to hair loss. Find out more about natural hair loss remedies

My Sink Is Full Of Hair

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Society loves a full head of beautiful hair on a female. As women age, however, so does the hair and, depending upon heredity, lifestyle, diet and disease, hair becomes gray, brittle, and, in some cases much thinner. Fortunately, women today can do something about all of these conditions and maintain a more youthful appearance much longer. Probably the most devastating hair problem for women is thinning and balding. The gray can be colored, conditioners can restore suppleness, but no easy fix is available for significant hair loss. It is important to first isolate the cause of hair loss before making the decision to do something. Causes can be determined by a physician and may include one or more of the following:

1. Heredity: From both parents, propensity for hair loss can be inherited and, unfortunately, is a permanent condition.

2. Stress/Anxiety: Life changing events, such as divorce or death, as well as career and financial difficulties can take their toll on hair growth. Fortunately, the condition is temporary and will dissipate as the cause does.

3. Disease: Certain diseases (e.g., Diabetes, Lupus) will cause hair loss. Again, once treatment has begun and the disease is under control, the hair loss can reverse itself. Drugs for diseases can cause hair loss as well, and, again, once the drug is stopped, hair usually returns.

4. Diet/Exercise: A bad diet, lack of exercise, and lack of hydration can cause hair loss to accelerate beyond the normal (normal being 100 or so strands a day). Again, this can be reversed with a better lifestyle.

5. Skin and Scalp Infections: With treatment, hair loss will reverse.

6. Menopause: Many women experience increased hair loss with the onset of menopause, this too may be permanent. There are two types of permanent hair loss in women. The first is patterned, in which hair is lost on the top of the head but remains intact on the back of the head. The other is non-patterned, where hair loss occurs throughout the head and, eventually, leads to a bald appearance.

Dependent upon the type, there are several, although limited, options. There are hair loss products on the market specifically for women. This is important, because male products are not advised and can, indeed, be dangerous. These products will slow the hair loss process and may stimulate some regrowth. Wigs are now fashion accessories, and even women with normal hair often have several. This is a fortunate societal trend for sufferers of hair loss.Surgical procedures are available and are effective for patterned hair loss, because hair from the back of the head can be transplanted to the thinning frontal areas.

These options are expensive and not covered by health insurance. However, a low cost way of treating hair loss is by using Provillus. Provillus is an oral supplement, which works to block DHT, a form of testosterone that is responsible for 95 percent of hair loss. It also works to stimulate the scalp and bring dead follicles back to life. You can use Provillus as a preventive supplement, starting the program before hair loss becomes severe, or you can use it after DHT has already begun to take hold of your hair and scalp. hair loss treatment is an individual choice. Women whose moods and happiness are affected by hair loss should do something about it. Women who are in the public eye and who feel the need to be as attractive as possible should do something about their thinning hair. Isolate the cause and develop a plan of action.

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