Does Using Birth Control Pills Cause Hair Loss?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Estrogen is a group of steroid compounds which is extremely important in the functioning of female sex hormones. The compound is often used in contraceptive pills as well as menopausal and hormone replacement treatments. Although estrogen is present in both men and woman the levels are incredibly higher in woman. They promote the development of female characteristics such as breasts and help to increase uterine growth. Although estrogen is very important to your body if it is over produced then there can be problems. The hair growth phase will be extended if you are increasing the level of estrogen in your body, this can cause more than 10% extra growth. This extra growth will encourage the hair to fall out quicker than normal and can leave you with noticeable bald patches.

Birth control pills

This type of birth control pill has been available since the 1960's and is the most popular form of birth control. Millions of women take it every year and very few experience any side effects at all although some do. It is taken for many reasons not only as a birth control method but to also help with acne, hormonal problems and to regulate periods. Although it is very effective many woman do not know that one of the side effects of the pill is hair loss. The pills have one primary goal and that is to suppress ovulation, since you need added levels of estrogen to achieve this goal your body will notice an imbalance. Some women are more prone to hair loss and the birth control pill will encourage this loss, the degree of hair loss can vary between women. Some will experience very little and others will have a lot and in extreme cases you may in fact lose it all. If you have hair loss in your family then you should mention this to your doctor before they prescribe you birth control pills.

Estrogen and birth control

When taking birth control pills there is too much estrogen being produced in your body which can result in your hair growing far too quickly? You hair will be completing its growing phase faster than it should and this will then cause your hair to fall out. This hair loss can be concerning especially if you are losing it quite rapidly. Although it may be essential for you to take birth control you can ask your doctor if it is possible to take an alternative. There are birth control pills which contain less estrogen and these may be better suited to you. You do not want to be worried about hair loss as it can be devastating for woman to lose their hair. If you can find an alternative to your birth control pill then you should see a halt to anymore hair loss.

Self confidence and hair loss

Losing any amount of hair can be worrying especially when there you think you can't stop it; you may have gone from beautiful long thick hair to hardly any hair. A woman's hair will represent her beauty and for some women how the hair looks is very important. Although when taking the birth pill some hair loss may happen you can do some things to counteract this. Try changing your shampoo and see if this helps with the hair loss, sometimes a mix of too much estrogen and harsh products will make the problem worse. If this doesn't help then the only alternative is to talk to your doctor, once they have ruled out all other medical reasons then you may have to stop taking your birth control pill. If your self confidence is getting low because of the hair loss then you will need to find a solution to make you feel better about yourself.

Other solutions

Although many people will advise to stop taking the birth control pill there are other things you can do before having to do this. You should try to wash your hair in very gentle organic shampoo and ensure that no harsh chemicals are applied. Try to dry your hair naturally and avoid hairdryers and straighter as these can damage your hair. There are also other nutrients and vitamins which you can take which will help with your hormonal imbalance. Zinc, nettle root and B6 have all been proved to help with the problem of hair loss and are easy enough to find and take daily. B6 is ideal as it helps to produce more blood and helps your body to deal with stress. By boosting your immune system you will be trying to find a solution to a problem that could go on for years. Simple things can help to allow your hair to grow naturally and make you feel better about the way you look.

Although there are many things you can do when you begin to experience hair loss, only you will truly know what is working for you. Some things will help with the hair loss and other things will simply be pointless. You should try some of them before deciding to come off the birth control pill and if you do then you must find some other form of contraception. There are many other products available for you to try which won't have the problems of estrogen but are as effective. You will need to discuss any changes in your birth control with your doctor as they will be able to advise the best thing for you.

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