Types of Hair Loss or Alopecia

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The most common type of hair loss affecting men and women all over the world-even kids couldn't escape this type of hair condition-is alopecia. alopecia is said to be the medical term used to identify the loss of hair from the head or even from the body. Alopecia, unlike other causes of hair fall, is not due to any underlying illness. A person suffering from alopecia is said to be physically fit but with an unhealthy "ego" since a balding condition deteriorates self-esteem.

"alopecia areata" is a type of alopecia, wherein loss of hair in some or all areas of the body occurs, usually from the scalp during its first stage. "alopecia Totalis," which is observed in 1%-2% of cases, is experiencing hair loss on the entire scalp. With "alopecia universalis," total loss of all hair on the body was observed.

Another type of alopecia is "alopecia Barbie"; this type of loss of hair was observed on men especially in the beard area. A type of alopecia which results in scaly patches was also observed and is called "alopecia Mucinosa."

Male pattern hair loss or "Androgenic alopecia" is the thinning of the hair to an almost transparent state. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male hormone, is said to be the primary cause of Androgenic alopecia. Since women produce male hormones too but of small amounts only, they are also prone to developing androgenic alopecia. Dihydrotestosterone, if accumulated in the scalp, causes the hair follicles to shrink; this is called "miniaturization." Once the hair follicle has miniaturized, eventually the older hair sheds off, growing "peach fuzz," a very thin transparent hair that resembles that of a cat's eyelashes. With this kind of hair growing on a certain area of the scalp, it would seem a bald spot is in its appearance.

To fight alopecia, you need to halt the cause-DHT. Here is one of the two most popular DHT inhibitors in the market today: there's minoxidil, originally formulated to fight high blood pressure but found out to possess a hair-growing side effect and was then used to regrow hair.

"Rogain" contains 2% - 5% moxidil and is said to be an effective over-the-counter topical drug that reduces DHT level in the body. Here are some of the severe side effects of Rogaine use: rashes, hives, or "urticaria" (swollen, pale red bumps); itching; difficulty in breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips and tongue; chest pain, dizziness; fainting; fast heartbeat; redness or irritation of the scalp; sudden, unexplained weight gain; swelling of the hands or feet and unwanted facial hair growth.

Finasteride is also an effective hair loss treatment and an accurate DHT inhibitor that was originally formulated as a treatment for "prostate enlargement" and "prostate cancer." It was found to possess hair-regrowing side effects and later on used in "Propecia," containing 1mg finasteride. Propecia is a prescription drug (not suitable for women) that is said to be effective to reduce testosterone levels in the body. Propecia or finasteride has side effects like erectile dysfunction, low libido and impotence.

3 Grow Longer Hair Secrets Worth Grabbing

Friday, 10 June 2011

Are you wishing to grow longer hair minus all the hassles attached to growing it? Can you say that you have already done everything you can to make this wish come true? Or perhaps you have already exhausted all possibilities of growing your hair but still you end up with no positive results? If you answer yes to all three questions, then this article is absolutely written for you.

Be not disconcerted. In fact, it is understandable how you can be distressed by such predicament. But then, do not worry because you are not going solo with this hair problem of yours. As a matter of fact, there is a multitude of people out there; both men and women, who share the same malady of not growing hair longer faster. To help you finally address such hair issues in your life, make sure to pick up some tips and tricks from the following advices from hair care experts:

1. Get To The Bottom Of The Problem

It would be very smart if you will first take time to identify where the difficulty in growing hair is stemming from. You see, you might be buying the most expensive hair shampoos in the market that your friend is using but then you will soon find out that the shampoos are not working well for you; only to find out in the end that the problem is with your genes. You will just waste your time, money, energy and effort in trying to grow longer hair when you do not really know what is causing the hair problem.

2. Go Natural

There are countless of natural products that have been confirmed to help a lot when it comes to growing hair faster and longer. There are the very popular Aloe Vera, jojoba oil, Mira Oil, coconut or Olive Oil and so many others. Or better yet, you may try the concoctions that hair care experts have formulated such as that of using baking soda to grow longer hair.

All you need is 3 tablespoons of baking soda, one and a half teaspoons of honey, one-fourth teaspoon of water to dissolve and some cider vinegar for rinsing. All you need to do is mix everything until you come up with a paste. Apply to hair and rinse with cider vinegar. Then, use conditioner to rinse off any remaining ingredients that may still be present and at the same, time to once and for all get rid of the vinegar scent in your hair.

3. Relieve Your Body Of Stress

Last but not least, you may opt for some aromatherapy sessions to relieve yourself of stress. In case you are not aware about it, stress is actually one of the most popular culprits that can cause one's hair to stop growing. By addressing this concern, you will right away notice the improvement in how you will grow longer hair in no time. Get regular exercises or perhaps do brisk walking for thirty minutes everyday. Cherish happy thoughts. Live a healthy lifestyle and you will surely grow longer hair fast and easy!

Still Having problems about how you can make hair grow faster and longer? If you have 2 minutes, then I will show you how mira hair oil make my hair grow faster, longer, thicker, silkier, shinier, manageable, and more beautiful hair as little as 15 days!

You will be able to wear any hairstyle you want. (Because your hair grows at a super fast rate - 2-3 inches a month - you can change your hairstyle as often as you want without fear or hesitation!). Men will compliment and admire you. You will instantly look 10 years younger than your calendar age with longer, beautiful, flowing, non-graying hair!

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