Teen Hair Loss - Mom, I’m Losing My Hair!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hair loss is usually the last concern of any female teen. Although sometimes teenagers experience losing their hair too. In this case, it may be a sign that something may be wrong. You have to calm yourself though since, this is not much of a life and death situation.

So let us talk about our crowning glory: the hair. It is composed of keratin which is a type of protein in our body. The hair is made up of a hair shaft, the root and the follicle. At the deeper end is the hair bulb, where the hair’s color pigment- melanin is produced.

Statistics tell us that baldness strikes 40% of men by their thirties. And more than 65% of them will have the “monk” type of haircut or the typical set where the hair is only at the back of the head and around the temples and bald on top – by age 75. It is a known fact that baldness strikes so much fear in men because this is a sign that the aging process is already starting. Age, as we know is something we hate but yet can not do something about its coming.

However when you are losing your hair during your adolescence phase, it can be more stressful. Why does it have to happen during a time when appearance is all that matters? It can be devastating to self-esteem and confidence too.

In our head, it is normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day. No need to worry because these hairs are replaced in the same spot. If your teenager is losing more than that, it is indeed time to be alarmed. It is a good idea to go to a doctor to determine the cause of the problem. Your doctor can suggest some treatment to correct these using modern methods.

Teen hair loss may be due to sickness or poor nutrition. Strong medications or medical treatment can also cause teens to lose their hair. Some improper hair care should be avoided. Lathering on too much hair gels and creams can cause the hair roots to weaken and break easily.

Listen up guys! Making your hair stand up like a cathedral and being “hip and cool” do have its own disadvantage. And hear me out girls! If you wear a hairstyle that pulls on the hair so tightly like braids or ponytails, you can damage the hair follicles and will prevent or slow down the growth of healthy hair. So I suggest you let your hair breathe once in a while. Do not tie it up and punish it everyday.

At times, stress can cause hair loss in teenagers. They might be going through a difficult time at school, probably thinking about problems in their class subjects or handling peer pressure. It is best to talk to your parents or teachers to find out how you can relieve your negative stress.

Although there are studies that say balding is usually extensive if it starts in the teen years, the good news is that some research claims that it is often temporary. Once the cause of the problem is corrected, hair will usually grow back.

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Hair Diseases Resulting Into Hair Loss

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Hair diseases and hair loss are interrelated. One cannot be thought about without the other.

Common hair loss causes

No single factor can be marked out as the universal cause of hair diseases. There are several causes varying from person to person.

The two types of hair loss diseases

The hair loss causes can be broadly divided into the following two groups – the temporary effect and the one involving a prolonged action, usually triggered by genetics.

a.)The temporary effect – Usually such cases can be cured by medications and treatments.

b.)Prolonged hair loss diseases – Such cases may require long term treatment. Sometimes the drug treatment might appear to be ineffective. In such circumstances surgery like hair transplantation may be the way.

The causes of temporary hair loss include the ones like child birth, using birth control pills, etc.

Another key factor can be hormonal imbalance. It can have a severe impact by causing pattern baldness. The latter comes in the list of major hair diseases.

Relation between hair diseases and hair loss

It is sometimes found that a particular hair loss cause is more commonly related to a particular hair disease. In this context one can refer to the acquired hair shaft defects. These defects are usually triggered by the excessive use of hair treatments and styling products.

Similarly, infectious diseases have their root in unhygienic scalp.

The common causes of hair loss diseases

The common causes of hair loss diseases include the following –

• Hormonal imbalance

• Ailment

• Faulty hair styling

• Inadequate diet

Hormonal Imbalance

In men – Hormonal imbalance is a major cause of hair loss diseases among men. The male hormone testosterone plays a key role in actuating hair loss. The enzyme 5 alpha reductase in the hair follicles turns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The latter is the most potent androgen promoting male pattern baldness, the common hair loss disease.

In women – Imbalance in thyroid hormone is a key cause of sudden hair loss among women. The thyroid gland’s being n the state of overactive and under active might cause hair fall. Thyroid hormones largely influence cellular metabolism of scalp proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and minerals. And the hair matrix cells are highly affected by the thyroid hormones’ excess or deficiency.

Hormonal imbalance also causes hair loss during pregnancy. Pregnancy witnesses a high level of estrogen hormones. This causes hair follicles percentage in anagen growth phase. But post-child birth there is a rapid fall in the estrogen level. Consequently a large number of hair follicles shift to a catagen phase. And gradually hair falls.

Women may also experience hair loss during post-pregnancy period. It is generally temporary in nature. But if it continues for months, then it may indicate hormonal imbalance in the body. And hormonal imbalance for an extended period requires proper treatment.


Some of the serous ailments like high fever, severe infection, or flu may lead hair follicles to a resting phase. This condition called telogen effluvium results increased hair fall. But it is a temporary condition soon to be followed by normalcy.

Some cancer treatments also prevent the hair fiber growth. The hair becomes thin and breaks off. And gradually hair loss occurs. The condition starts within one to three weeks after the beginning of the chemotherapy treatment. The treatment may witness the patients losing up to 90 percent of their scalp hair.

Faulty hair styling

It means using certain hair styling techniques resulting in hair loss diseases like traction alopecia. In this condition the hair fibers are pulled out from the hair follicle by a hairstyle that pulls on the roots of the hair fibers. One example of such faulty hair styling is braiding cornrowing. Cosmetic treatments like bleaching, coloring or hair straightening like chemical relaxing can also create problems if proper procedure is not followed.

Inadequate diet

Taking up crash diets for rapid weight loss may lead to hair loss. Such diets are low in protein, vitamins and minerals, thus causing malnutrition.

Abnormal eating habits lacking important nutrients can also result into hair loss.

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Natural Treatments For Hair Loss

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

There has been a rise in the number of people searching for natural treatments for hair loss, as more and more people awake to the possibility of side-effect-free hair loss treatment that these natural hair loss treatments offer.

One of the most popular of these natural treatments for hair loss is saw palmetto, which is particularly effective in treating androgen-induced hair loss. Other people suffering from hair loss too can use saw palmetto, though women using oral contraceptives or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) are discouraged from using saw palmetto. Incidentally, use of saw palmetto can also go a long way towards the treatment of benign prostrate growths, meaning that through it, you can kill two birds with the same stone. The popularity of saw palmetto as a natural hair loss treatment aid probably stems from the fact that the type of hair loss it treats best (that is, androgen induced hair loss) – which manifests as baldness - is perhaps the severest and most conspicuous of all hair loss, making many people whom it affects prematurely almost desperate for some form of treatment, which saw palmetto promises.

Jojoba oil is another popular treatment for natural hair loss, with many commercial hair care products nowadays incorporating it as one of their ingredients. While using jojoba oil to fight hair loss, you will also be protecting yourself from among other conditions dandruff and eczema, again giving you – in a way of speaking – the opportunity to kill two birds with the same stone.

Then there is Aloe Vera, which has shown some remarkable efficacy in the treatment of hair loss, of course alongside the other huge number of conditions it treats. The way aloe vera works in the treatment of hair loss is by ridding the pores on which hair grows on the scalp of any possible infections which could cause hair loss, while also balancing the scalp’s PH, seeing that the falling out of balance of scalp PH is one of the major – but often unappreciated - causes of hair loss.

Nettle is yet another natural hair loss treatment that has shown considerable efficacy. As it turns out, some cases of hair loss are caused by lack of the relevant nutrients, especially vitamins A and C. And nettle (especially its root extract) happens to be rich in these nutrients, making it a great natural hair loss treatment option for cases of hair loss caused by lack of these nutrients.

Through these other unmentioned natural treatments for hair loss, one has the opportunity to sort their hair loss problems without subjecting themselves to the potential side-effects that the use of synthetic-chemical based hair loss treatments could cause.

By: Ryan Charles

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Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair !

Monday, 10 August 2009

Hair loss in men

Hair loss and thinning hair have been sensitive issues for men throughout time. Recently, medical science has eventually identified the main cause of hair loss. At present, it's a known medical fact that hair loss stems from both genetic and hormonal causes. Androgenetic Alopecia or even "male pattern hair loss" is implicated in ninety five percent of hair loss cases. The key is a hormonal byproduct called DHT (dihydrotestostrone). The even more DHT that gets put into your body, the even more your hair follicles turn into thinner and finer until the hair is permanently wasted.

DHT and hair loss

DHT is 1 of many male hormones in the body. DHT is developmentally vital early in a man's life; however, it appears to be a cause of hair loss as men get older. DHT shrinks the hair follicle until it no longer produces obvious hair.

Doctors believe that excess DHT is an apparent cause of hair loss

The causes of hair loss aren't well defined; however, researchers have uncovered that men with male pattern hair loss have increased levels of DHT in the balding area of their scalps. Individual hair usually follows a cycle of expansion, falling out, and new expansion. However increased levels of DHT are believed to contribute to the shortening of the expansion phase and a shortening of the time it takes for the hair to fall out. This results in thinning of the hair on the scalp.

Provillus blocks DHT (dihydrotestostrone) from getting to your body, which is 1 of the major causes of hair loss. The Breakthrough formula of Provillus was designed to block DHT and supply the proper foods to your body specifically tailored to block hair loss and to help you regrow hair naturally. Strong, sound hair begins with the proper nutritional building blocks. You do not have to hold off until there's a problem to end it! Provillus supplements your body's natural supply of these vitamins and lets the tiny follicles below your scalp receive exactly what they want to manufacture beautiful, full-bodied hair.

Active Ingredients For Hair Loss And Regrow Hair !

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that survives in 3 major chemical forms: pyridoxine, pyridoxal, and pyridoxamine. It performs a wide kind of functions for your body and is essential for your fantastic health and hair expansion. For instance, vitamin B6 is needed for even more than one hundred enzymes involved in protein metabolism. It's also essential for red blood cell metabolism. The nervous and resistant systems require vitamin B6 to function efficiently, and it's also needed for the conversion of tryptophan to niacin.

Biotin is section of the Vitamin B complex and is a vitamin supplement necessary for sound hair, scalp and nails. Biotin will help with the condition of the hair and the scalp as well. Just put...Biotin is Hair Food.

Magnesium is an essential mineral and plays an crucial role in energy metabolism, protein synthesis, neuromuscular transmission bone structure and hair expansion.

Zinc is necessary for a fit body, and is also of apply in fighting skin problems like acne, boils and sore throats. It's further needed for cell division, and is needed per tissue of the hair, nails and skin to be in top form. Zinc is further utilized in the expansion and maintenance of muscles.

Saw Palmetto acts by lowering DHT in the body and by blocking five alpha-reductase. Saw palmetto blocks the receptor sites on cell membranes that are expected for the absorption of DHT. Since Saw palmetto blocks the employ of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a similar causative factor in Androgenetic Alopecia, it's a powerful herb in this hair expansion formulation.

Nettle root blocks two enzymes, 5a-reductase, which makes the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and aromatase enzyme, which makes estrogens. Studies showed that nettle root extract was efficient in inhibiting these two enzymes which was a leading cause of hair loss.

Gotu Kola is related to the and supports the integrity of hair expansion, collagen and skin. It can help heal minor wounds and skin irritations, help assure blood vessel integrity, and promote circulation throughout the body, including to the brain. A long-standing tonic rejuvenator, it's said to help concentration and memory.

Pumpkin (Cucurbita Maxima) The oil extract from pumpkin seeds is also a natural hair loss remedy that is believed to effect levels of testosterone in the body. The beneficial effects of pumpkin seed extract as a hair loss guide are however under investigation. It's believed that the extract infects the androgen levels of diseases and so might have an influence on the androgens that are responsible for hair loss.

Eleuthero Formerly Siberian Ginseng, (Glandular) is a member of the ginseng family, though it's of a different genus than more popular ginsengs like the Panax kind. Along with more ginsengs, it's an extended history of being utilized to help restore.

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Causes Of Hair Loss: Stress Causes Hair Loss

Friday, 7 August 2009

Hair Loss happens to be a very common problem and it may be due to various reasons ranging from hereditary factors to medicinal side effects. But very few of us are acquainted with the fact that hair loss could be due to stressful situations in life. And in fact a good number of folks are experiencing hair loss because of living under constant stress but are ignorant of this reality. Instead of managing their stress well they opt for hair loss treatment options that hardly prove effective.

You must know that your hair are true indicator of your health condition. People who are healthy physically as well as mentally, hardly suffer from hair loss except for hereditary reasons. Their hair remain healthy with ever present shine and moisture. However people with abnormal health condition and specifically people with anxiety and distress don't possess shiny and healthy hair. Human hair gradually become dry and dull and later on start falling.

Stress induced hair fall is medically known as Telogen Effluvium. Once you are grappled with an unexpected stress or a kind of shock, you are prone to loose your hair rapidly. Because in such conditions, hair's capability of regeneration is nullified and it may take an year for follicles to resume their task of producing hairs.

Apart from this, diseases can make you depressed to cause hair loss. So you are needed to identify all possible reasons that push you towards stress and anxiety. Once you identify reasons you should try to make yourself strong enough to keep your calm intact even while being in those conditions.

Best way to combat this type of hair loss is to opt for relaxation techniques that bring mental peace and dissociate yourself from stress prevailing in your life. Various relaxation exercises and meditation could help you in your quest to prevent baldness resulting from hair loss.

Stress may cast some indirect repercussions on hair. While being in a stressful condition people normally lose their appetite and develop carelessness towards hair that adversely affects hair, causing hair fall. Poor diet would deprive hair from essential nutrients and vitamins that would worsen its condition marking a beginning of hair loss.

When you are in stress you develop your own idiosyncratic style of hair fiddling. This fiddling also contributes to your hair loss.

So, all you folks struggling to revive hair on your scalp should check yourself against prevalence of stress and anxiety in your life. A little awareness would save you from hair loss or baldness.

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Effective Cure To Stop Pulling Out Hair

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Pulling out hair is not only a physical impulsive tendency but it is classified as a mental disorder. The medical term is trichotillomania (TTM) or trich for short and is closely related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The onset of the majority of those who suffer from trich is normally around ages 9 to 13 but it can affect adults as well.

Curing the disorder

The condition sees the person consciously or sub-consciously creating a diversion for their anxiety, low self-esteem, frustration or pain by pulling out hair from their scalps or plucking hair from eyelashes, eyebrows, arms, legs, or pubic area.

Therefore, if we are going to help you stop pulling out hair, we need to consider what actually triggers you to pull your hair out.

What Is The Cause Of Your Hair Pulling?

- Anxiety
- Low Self-Esteem
- Emotional Pain
- Stress/Frustration
- Depression

Emotional triggers such as the above are what make treating trichotillomania very difficult. Many sufferers tend not to admit the problem nor know anything about why they are pulling out hair. A lot of these patients worry about what people may think which only builds on their anxieties and worsens the problem.

The Key Is Acceptance

Like with all disorders/addictions, the key to treating the problem is to accept that you have a problem. The longer you remain in the closet about pulling out hair, the longer it will take to treat. No one will think any less of you so confide in friends and family. Not will acceptance allow you to stop hurting yourself physically but you will also start to feel better emotionally.

Treatments Available

There are no medications known or approved to actually work for trichotillomania treatment. As pulling out hair stems from emotional distress, the best treatments are those which involve therapies or cognitive behavioral treatments.

What is vital is that you learn to relax and free yourself from any anxiety, stress or emotional anguish. The sooner you understand why you have this problem, the sooner you will be free from pulling out hair.

By: Roz Thomas

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Hair Loss Causes: What Is Thyroid Hair Loss?

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Hair loss often starts undetected and predated on us like a wolf. And then one fine day we look into the mirror and are taken aback by what the mirror reflects back. We are left wondering as to when and how did the hairline, withdraw like cowardly troops!

So, if you are losing hair for no apparent reason whatsoever, the cause could be a thyroid condition. Though the most common causes for hair loss are genetic predetermination, medical treatments, medicines and hormonal changes, but they are not the only ones responsible. Among the other is thyroid condition.

Thyroid hair loss manifests itself in cases of hypothyroidism. This kind of hair loss can be easily distinguished from male pattern balding. Because, unlike male pattern baldness there is no bald patches caused but there is a uniform thinning of hair all over the head.

Those who suffer from hypothyroidism experience dry skin and fatigue. They also become abnormally sensitive to cold and suffer from depression and constipation. Therefore, if you have any of these symptoms and are losing hair, you must have yourself tested for thyroid condition.

Synthroid is the most common prescription medicine used for hypothyroidism. The medicine can cause hair loss as a side effect. So, if you are taking it, you should discuss the possibility of its causing the hair loss.

There are a few supplements available in the market including primrose oil supplements which can help check thyroid hair loss. Aromatherapy too works with some.

Some of the Ayurvedic medicines like brahmi amla oil and bhringaraj oil can also help. These oils are applied on the scalp gently. A regular application of it for three months or more helps hair growth.

If nothing works, the final remedy is hair transplantation. Little hair plugs are taken from the back of one's scalp and are planted on the bald areas. It takes a few months before you see your bald scalp growing your own natural hair. The procedure, however, is quite expensive, but is worth every penny you spend to get rid of the depressing condition.

A good cover of hair is the crown we are too much in love to do without. So, if it goes away, get it back.

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How To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Lost Hair

Friday, 31 July 2009

Curing Hair Loss : Hair Like Samson (before he met Delilah)

A multi-millionaire will be made one day – the day a scientific researcher finds a simple, inexpensive, universally successful hair regrowth product. And that day will come. The amount of money being funneled into hair loss research is phenomenal, and as long as our society puts such great stock in appearance and beautiful heads of hair, the research will continue until that simple cure is found.

Until then, men and women must investigate and experiment with a variety of products which will have a variety of results, dependent upon the individual. Each human body is unique, with unique levels of hormones, chemicals, and enzymes. For this reason, to date, there is not a universal cure. Some people experience reduction in hair loss and solid regrowth, while others using the same product may not see the same results.

For those who experience less than desired results from the variety of topicals, pills, herbs and hair products available, there are currently surgical “cures,” if they have the financial wherewithal to pursue them. These involve a variety of transplant techniques and can be tedious and a bit painful. Such cures are available for both men and women.

Transplants: In transplants, a hair strip is taken from a donor area of the scalp, usually the back, because pattern baldness in both men and women usually does not affect the back of the head. From these stips, individual follicles are extracted and then implanted into the bald area of the scalp. The “art” of this procedure is to get the follicle in so that the slant of the hair is correct for that part of the head. There are usually 1-5 hairs in each follicle, so you can imagine how many transplants have to occur if someone wants a full thick head of hair to replace a completely bald spot. The average cost of transplant, per follicle is $4 - $6. The average cost of pattern baldness transplants is about $10,000.00 – a hefty bill for most of us. For women who have overall balding events, the cost can be greater still.

If you do not have $10,000 to spend at the moment and you must wait until regrowth products improve, you may have to be content with less preferable but effective methods like using Provillus available at http://www.provillus.com. There have been great advances in hair pieces for men, and wigs are as much a fashion accessory as jewelry for women. If you select this route, buy a good one and go to a professional who is widely experienced in developing unique hair pieces for individual needs. Generally, you get what you pay for. Fit and ability to have confidence that wind and lots of movement will not move your hair piece are extremely important. While not the permanent cure you really want, the embarrassment of societal reaction to your baldness is eliminated.

Keep abreast of research in the area of hair loss cures. Scientists are close, and the answer could come any day. In the meantime, do what makes you feel comfortable and confident, and use any product that helps you reduce the rate of your current hair loss. Stress and anxiety over this condition will only make it worse.

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Hair Loss Treatment – 7 Hair Growth Tips

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

People often take their hair for granted until one day they realize that it is starting thin and fall out. Once you’re in this stage, hair regrowth becomes very difficult to achieve. Thus, it would be better if we start taking care of the health of our hair and scalp now, rather than regret not having done it later on.

A number of factors may influence how our hair will grow and how prone we are to hair loss. These may include hormonal changes, hereditary influences, environmental factors, and health. A change in lifestyle will definitely impact what would become of our hair in the future. Consider following the hair growth tips below in order to encourage the growth of hair strands that are less prone to dryness, breakage, and falling.

(1)Drink the recommended daily amount of water. Water here means pure water; it does not include other drinks such as soft drinks, coffee, and beer. Dehydration can make your entire body feel weak and easily exhausted. It is also another factor in the drying out and breakage of hair, as well as the stopping of its growth. The general rule is that men should drink 2.8 to 3.5 liters of water a day, while women should drink 2 to 2.6 liters daily. Adjust these amounts based on factors like weather condition, age, and weight.

(2)Exercise a couple of times a week. Studies show that a 15-minute brisk walk will increase your normal heart rate. This will then improve the blood circulation in our body, and this will bring more nutrients to our hair follicles and scalp. It would be best to exercise at least an hour after eating in order to give more time for digestion to finish and thus put less pressure on our system.

(3)Maintain a proper diet. Avoid foods that are rich in salt, sugar, and fat. Those three food components would only stress our kidneys and make our blood more acidic, resulting in hair loss.

(4)Drink green tea daily. Doing so will reduce the risk of hair loss. Green tea contains antioxidants that inhibit 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT induces hair loss and an increase in prostate size.

(5)Indulge in aromatherapy. This alternative form of medicine has benefits both on our health and mood. Massaging essential oils, such as lavender and olive, onto our scalp would encourage healthier hair regrowth. Moreover, it would help eliminate stress, which is another factor in hair loss.

(6)Avoid putting any strain on your scalp and hair in the form of tight clips and pony tails. The mechanical action of pulling your hair against the scalp can result in hair loss. Bald patches may arise from plucking out hair from the scalp often. This is known as traction alopecia.

(7)Avoid using heat and chemicals on your hair, such as straightening, perming, coloring, and excessive blow drying. These methods will only weaken the internal structure of your hair and damage its chemical bonds. They may also cause dryness and irritation, making your hair fall out more easily.

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Hair Loss Products & Hair Follicle Test

Sunday, 26 July 2009

With the recent advances in hair products it was just a matter of time before someone invented a test that would help to find out why men and women lose hair. This test has finally reached the public and is sure to take the beauty world by storm. We’ll take a few minutes to help you understand what this test is and how it can help.

The hair follicle test uses hair that is taken directly from your head. This can be done in your own home and mailed in to the lab. This is important as you will never have to visit a doctor’s office for this test as the hair can be mailed from anywhere in the world and a sample is easily taken. To take a sample of hair your simply run your fingers through the parts of your scalp where you perceive to have the worst hair problems. You then take that sample of hair and put it into a ziplock bag. It is important to note that you shouldn’t be plucking the hair from the scalp. You simply run your fingers thru until the hair’s simply barely come out. This should not be hard to do. You want to avoid combing to get them out as that may rip them out of the scalp as well. Next you will mail these samples into the lab.

Here is what the test can help you to understand. Many people suffer from a variety of hair problems including hair breakage, hair thinning, sebum build up on the root, bacteria build up on the root, hormonal hair problems, lack of nutrition in the hair and even stress that affects hair growth. By looking at these hairs thru a microscope most of the above can be seen and therefore the #1 factor that is causing your hair problems can be seen in the microscope. Stress shows up as a yellow color in the middle of the hair and lack of nutrition also shows in the medulla of the hair and the most obvious is the build up that is easily seen in the microscope. Each problem must be handled for your h air to become healthy again.

Hair loss is typically caused by stress, dht or lack of nutrition or even build up on the root of the hair. So what do you do if you have one of these problems? The answer is varied for each problems and many women and men will have more than one. For example dht chokes off the hair and causes the nutrition level to fall in the hair. Therefore both of these must be handled for the hair to become healthy again. The analysis can also be used to see why women or men have more breaking hair than they should have. It helps to show if hair has been damaged during perms, coloring or h ighlights. It is a great tool that can be used to define how healthy the hair is general and is used by top hair salons on their clients before they start color work to make sure that the hair is healthy enough to handle it.

As far as products go you should know about the basic hair products that help to make your hair healthy. First is a deep cleansing shampoo along with an oil that will deep cleanse the scalp and the root of the hair. The best is A Follicle Cleanser shampoo along with Jojoba oil to help remove the stubborn and deep sebum plugs and bacteria that prevent the proper amount of nutrition and oxygen that should reach the hair.

The second set of products are designed to stimulate the hair and these products help to produce a better blood flow to the root of the hair. This stimulates healthy hair growth and this in turn makes the hair stronger and ready to hand procedures such as coloring and perming. And the final set of products are nutrition based which feed the root of the hair the nutrition that it needs to be healthy. These products can range from hair vitamins to vitamin shampoos. To learn more about our beauty products visit the link below.

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Understanding Hair Growth Cycles And Hair Loss

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hair growth products are used to treat hair loss. Find out more about them here. For nutritional tips, see this article covering vitamins for hair loss. Rebecca Prescott presents this site with vitamins and hair loss information.

We all lose a certain amount of hair each day - anywhere from 50 to 100 to 125 hairs. True hair loss occurs when these hairs we lose don't grow back, or when the amount of hair we lose each day exceeds this normal range.

Hair loss can occur as a result of medications, such as chemotherapy treatments or blood thinners, which can damage the telogen hairs, or stop the natural cell division that then produces weakened hair that is susceptible to breaking. High doses of vitamin A can also lead to hair loss as well. The most common type of hair loss, however, is where more and more hair follicles enter what is called the resting phase (telogen phase) in the hair growth cycle.

Overall, hair grows continuously from the scalp, but it moves away from the scalp in 3 phases. Hair is not all uniformly in one phase. Different parts of the scalp will be in different phases, so at any one time you should have hair follicles in all 3 stages. Generally, most (90%) of the hair will be in the anagen phase, 10 to 14% of the hair will be in the telogen phase, and only 1 to 2% of hair in the catogen phase.

The first phase is the Anagen phase, which is the growth phase. This can last anywhere between 2 and 8 years. A shorter anagen phase will limit how long your hair can grow. Hair cells at the root divide rapidly, which lengthen the hair shaft.

In the next phase, the catagen phase, the outer root of the hair follicle shrinks and attaches to the root of the hair. Hair growth stops here. This phase lasts 1 to 2 weeks.

The telogen phase is the resting phase. This lasts from 5 to 6 weeks in normal hair. Hair doesn't grow in this phase, but it stays firmly rooted in the scalp as long as the follicle stays in a resting phase below it. New growth begins at the end of the resting phase, and this is when natural hair shedding will happen, as the new growth pushes the old hair out.

In male pattern baldness, more hairs enter the telogen phase. This effects of this are an increase in hair shedding. Hair gradually becomes thinner and shorter, and in the end, the hair follicles shut down.

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Provillus, Treating Hair Loss In Men And Women!

Monday, 20 July 2009

There are many products on the market today that claim they can re grow your hair. While most of these products do not work, Provillus is one of the few that actually holds true to its claims. Unlike other hair loss products, Provillus do not require expensive surgeries or transplants, is easy to use, and will help re grow your own hair. Effective as a treatment for hereditary hair loss, Provillus simply does what it promises, treating hair loss.

Since men and women’s bodies are different, Provillus offers a product aimed specifically for male hair loss, and a uniquely different formula designed specifically for women’s hair loss. Some estimates show that one of every four women suffer from female pattern hair loss, for most beginning around the time of menopause. Other estimates show about 85 million men and women suffer from hair loss today.

Provillus contains Minoxidil, one of a very few medications approved by the FDA to treat hair loss. Minoxidil has been proven as an effective treatment for hair loss both in the frontal and vertex areas for both men and women. Other hair loss treatment products claim they can re grow hair but are not effective in both major areas of hair loss, or are only geared toward one gender.

Provillus is dedicated to offering our customers a quality hair loss treatment , and offers a money back guarantee. The 90 day return policy ensures you will be satisfied that you have purchased a high quality hair loss treatment product for a great price.

Hair loss can be a devastating blow to your self confidence and self esteem. While some men choose baldness by shaving their head as a fashion statement, the knowledge that their hair will still grow back when desired eliminates the blow to their self image. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many men and women who feel their hair loss is detrimental to both their social status, and professional careers. Something as simple as the application and use of Provillus can bring back not only your missing silken tresses, but can also increase your self confidence and improve the way others view you. Men and women who suffer from hair loss can now stop hair loss with this simple to use hair loss cure. Reclaim your social and professional status; allow your confidence to grow back as your hair grows back with Provillus hair loss treatment.

By: Damodara

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Route To Healthier Hair: Hair Loss Remedy

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Is your hair getting thinner month after month? Are you looking for ways to treat hair loss? If yes, then read the following article. The hair loss remedy mentioned below can prompt hair growth.

We loose around 20-100 hair strands every day without knowing. Almost everyone is looking for the best hair care treatment either to get silky hair or to get rid of hair loss. Proper hair care treatment can give you thick, lustrous, beautiful and dandruff-free hair.

The growth of hair is governed by hormones that appear after puberty. The male hormone testosterone and female hormone estrogen governs body hair, hair in the armpits, beard, hair on chin etc. Usually when the level of estrogen drops in women signs of hair loss or baldness is seen. Following a proper hair loss remedy can help you to recover your lost hair such as:

• Eating a diet containing adequate amount of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats etc.

• Drinking plenty of water.

• In order to compensate the copper deficiency, intake carrot juice, lettuce, capsicum and alfalfa. It is a good remedy for hair loss and prevents hair from graying.

• Massaging scalp with warm almond or olive oil can help to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp. This in turn would strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair from falling.

• Avoid applying hair creams, gels and other chemicals in hair as they make them loose the moisture and make them brittle.

• Remove chlorine properly from hair after swimming.

• Make a hair pack by mixing Indian goose berry with egg. Apply it twice a week on hair to make them thick and glossy.

• Hot air and heat makes your hair dry. Always cover your head before going out in sun.

• Blow drying hair dehydrates the adequate moisture and aggravates hair loss. Try to air dry your hair. Stand under the fan and run your fingers gently within the hair making them dry.

• Do not use a brush on wet hair. Use a wide toothed comb instead.

• Stress is one of the major causes for hair loss. Regular yoga and meditation can relieve your worries thus preventing hair from falling.

A number of hair care products are available in the market. Shop around for the best product that can treat your hair right and help you get healthy and lustrous hair.

Hair determines a person’s beauty. It is an important aspect of your overall appearance. Follow the hair loss remedy and eliminate your hair loss upheavals effectively.

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A Golden Future with Hair Restoration

Friday, 17 July 2009

Hair loss affects you in many ways but the main thing that it does is destroy confidence. Without confidence you have problems going about general life. Life is ultimately a competition and without all your natural attributes, such as a full head of hair, it is difficult to see how the game is fair. It can affect relationships or future relationships, job interviews, respect in friendship groups and perhaps more generally how we react to the rest of the world. It is no wonder that people with hair loss are increasingly looking for ways to restore their hair so that they can look forward to a bold future and not a bald one.

Hair restoration is any method used that provides a way for you to replace hairs in an area that is bald or balding. There are 2 main ways that are used. The first involves the stimulation of remaining hair follicles to wake them up and begin producing hair once again. The second relies on transplanting follicles from areas of the scalp where it continues to grow to areas that are thinning or bald. There are a number of techniques used for both strategies. Certainly the stimulation of hair follicles is a good method in the first stages of balding, where as the transplant method is better for older people with more extensive hair loss.

There are a range of techniques that can be employed to promote the hair follicles that you still have. There are drugs such as Minoxidil which despite initially used to aid with the problems of high blood pressure have since been found to stimulate hair production in the scalp as a side effect.

There are still more drugs and herbal cures that work by blocking the effect of androgen male hormones on the working of hair cells. These stop a problematic hormone called DHT being produced in the hair follicles. Persons with genetic type baldness seem to have follicles that are very sensitive to this DHT hormone. They react by making far weaker hair and eventually shrinking away to nothing. These drugs and herbs reawaken the hair follicles causing them to go on to produce good hair once again.

Another method involves the use of low energy laser light. This laser light in the infra red band of the electro magnetic spectrum has been found to stimulate respiration and blood circulation in scalp tissue. This keeps the hair follicles healthy so that they go one to make hair. The usual methodology for these treatments is to first reawaken the scalp follicles, get them to make healthy hair and then keep them in this growth period so that they don't wither away and die off.

The alternative for people with bigger bald areas is to use some type of hair transplant. This always involves a degree of hair transplant surgery. methods in this area have improved greatly over the last few years. They all depend on the fact that follicles from the back of the head always continue to produce healthy hair no matter where located. For some reason the hair cells remain resistant to the DHT chemical even if they are transplanted.

Early methods used to transplant strips of scalp skin complete with follicles. This has the difficulty of causing a lot of pain, scarring at the back of the head and the problem in getting a natural look in the new location. New techniques use microscopes to identify and extract small groups of hair follicles and transplant them to the new area. In this way the level of disruption to the donor site is very small, which reduces scarring in this area. During the transplant of these follicle groups it is possible to make sure that they look natural in their new location by putting them at the correct angle and direction to lie evenly in comparison to the remaining hair.

In terms of hair transplant cost the older methods are the cheapest because they are less labor intensive. However, as can be seen there are larger benefits in the newer follicular unit treatment. It is a problem that some clinics are still using the old methods purely because of the extra profits that can be made.

These hair restoration methods that have been given could be seen as a life long process with people starting with regrowing and maintaining hair follicles and then going on to hair transplants later in life. Costs can be high as visits to clinics have to be maintained over many years. However, the results can be very good and potentially life changing making a bold future a reality.

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Hair Vitamins And Hair Loss

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Vitamins are mysterious types of things. We only really notice when they aren’t there but teachers, Doctors and the rest of the medical profession are always telling us how important they are. Add to this the commercial interest selling us supplements then it is no wonder that people can get confused. The evidence for particular hair vitamins involved in hair loss can also be rather confusing.

We all need to have the correct level of vitamins in our body in order that it works correctly. They help the cells of the body to manufacture important substances that are essential for metabolism. If levels fall then this may lead to certain chemical reactions in the body either not taking place or reducing in their output. This is then called a deficiency condition and is often identified by the outward signs shown by the body. These signs are very particular to the type involved.

The first deficiency disease identified was scurvy. Scurvy describes the signs of the deficiency of vitamin C and involves bleeding gums and teeth falling out. All this is caused because C is needed to produce connective tissue that holds the gums and teeth together. People get scurvy because they don’t have enough C in their diet. Most vitamins are provided in the diet and as a result this is another reason for people making sure that their diet is balanced.

The evidence for particular ones being involved in hair loss is difficult to quantify and we only have animal research and the signs shown by people suffering deficiencies to go on. Vitamin B is made up of a group of substances and is sometimes referred to as a complex. They are important for many metabolic reactions. As hair involves the manufacture of the protein keratin it is not surprising that the B complex is needed. Inositol is one of the parts of the B complex. It has been shown in animals and humans to cause hair loss and eczema when levels in the body are low. There is some evidence that males may require slightly more Inositol than females. Biotin is another component of the B complex and once again its deficiency causes hair loss. The Pantothenoic acid part of the B complex has been shown to cause hair follicles to degenerate in animals.

Lack of A can cause rough hair and dry skin and is therefore associated with the general health of hair and hair follicles. E is associated with the aging process but is manufactured by bacteria in the gut and as a result deficiencies are rare.

There is also some evidence for the over dose of some vitamins in causing hair loss problems. An example of this is A where, if taken in large amounts hair loss can result. Stopping taking the A will reverse the situation and the hair starts to grow again. In general there hasn’t been much research in the results of taking too many supplements.

You should make sure that your diet contains sufficient amounts of all of them but in particular C, A, B6, B12 and Folic acid. It is quite easy to do this if you are maintaining the standard balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and protein sources such as meat. The time to worry is if you are not eating one of these basic units for example fruits or vegetables. In this case you might need to consider supplements in the form of tablets. Anyone on a balanced diet doesn’t need to have supplements as all the extra will be wasted anyway. In some cases taking too many supplements can cause overdose and this should be avoided too. If your diet provides you with sufficient amounts of vitamins then taking a supplement is a waste of time and money and could cause further problems.

By: Timoteus Vincent

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Hair Loss And Hair Growth Myths – Part 2

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Summary : In the first part we have mentioned seven important hair loss and hair growth myths. In this part we will mention ten more myths.

8. The myth - Some ethnic groups are less prone to experience hair loss.

The truth – no scientific research has proven it. Although, it seems that Asian people have less hair loss problems than westerns.

9. The myth – only men experience hair loss

The truth – male pattern baldness is more common. Yet, a lot of women suffer from thinning hair and hair loss.

10. The myth – women who blow dry their hair have a higher chance to suffer form thinning hair or massive hair loss.

The truth – blow drying may damage the hair but can not cause hair loss.

11. The myth - excessive shampooing causes hair loss.

The truth - excessive shampooing may damage your hair using the wrong shampoo, but it can not cause hair loss.

12. The myth – Hair loss can only happen after you turn 50.

The truth – Hair loss can happen at any age depends on medical conditions and your genes. However, the chance to experience hair loss grows as you grow older.

13. The myth – Rubbing curry over the scalp may stop hair loss.

The truth – Curry will only cause your hair to smell bad, It will have no effect on hair loss.

14. The myth – Scalp massage prevents hair loss.

The truth – Scalp massage has many benefits but stopping hair loss is not one of them.

15. The myth – People who do not suffer from hair loss have no shedding of hair at all.

The truth – Everyone looses hair. Average hair loss is about 40 hairs a day.

16. The myth – excessive sex activity prevents hair loss.

The truth – Unfortunately, there is nothing between sex and hair loss.

We suggest you use only proven and well known hair loss treatments to stop hair loss and regrow hair. Good luck.

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Hair Loss And Hair Growth Myths – Part 1

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Hair loss occupies all of us. If we are not experiencing hair loss, we have a close friend or relative who does. In fact, dozens of millions suffer from hair loss. It is only natural that so many hair loss myths will arise. We have gathered all the major hair loss and hair growth myths. Read them carefully before choosing a hair loss treatment.

1. The myth – People who have fast growing hair will not suffer from hair loss.

The truth – Fast growing hair indicates on a good nutrition but has no connection with hair loss.

2. The myth - Hanging up side down or standing on your head increases the blood pressure in the head and helps with preventing hair loss, stopping it and regrowing hair.

The truth – hanging up side down will only make you look ridiculous. We suggest you try other hair loss treatments.

3. The myth - You may have male pattern baldness only if your mother side of the family has a history of balding.

The truth - It has been proven that male and female hair loss can be inherited by both sides of the family.

4. The myth – hair cuts make the hair grow faster

The truth – All seen hair is in fact dead tissues. Hair cuts only cuts the hair to where the hair shaft is thicker. You may get the illusion that cutting the hair actually makes it thicker but the hair follicles are not influenced by it.

5. The myth – Wearing a hat or using a towel to dry it may stimulate hair loss

The truth – Pulling your hair strongly may in some cases affect hair loss. Yet, wearing hats or using a towel over your head will not stimulate hair loss.

6. The myth - Stress may cause permanent hair loss

The truth – In some cases, stress may only cause temporary hair loss.

7. The myth – Drinking and smoking do not affect hair loss

The truth – Smoking, drinking and other bad habits such as bad diet may stimulate hair loss processes.

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Laser Hair Restoration and the Production of New Hair

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Laser hair restoration involves a selection of procedures that all use laser light to stimulate the existing hair follicles to become serviceable again after going into their resting phase. The Laser Luce LDS 100 is one example of this type of application that has provided some good data in clinical tests. Some of these trials have been done on a clinical basis using controls involving comparisons with placebo treatments. Most trials use a six month baseline to examine their effectiveness. The LDS tests have results of treatments extending up to 1 year.

Laser hair restoration procedures all utilise low level power lasers at particular wavelengths of light. It is the frequency or wavelength that gives the specifics of each treatment. Laser Luceuses laser light in the Infra red area of light frequencies. The power is important in terms of the laser light also. Higher power lasers are used in industry to slice materials such as steel panels. It is important to understand that the laser light in such hair treatment apparatus is of such a small power that it will not even burn the skin let alone cut into it.

The laser light in the Laser Luce procedure actions by stimulating the skin cells in the scalp and especially those that make up the hair follicles. At thecell level it has been shown that respiration is promoted making the cells more active. Cell membranes get more responsive in the transfer of substances across them. The production of proteins is stimulated at the DNA level and metabolic activity is promoted. The increased movement across membranes seems to allow these conditions to be communicated from one area to another. At the tissue level all this new activity stimulates the spread of the blood capillary system connecting the scalp cells. The net product of all this greater activity is that the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles is greatly improved. It is thought that this can cause hair follicles, which have started to die away, to reawaken and begin to make healthy hair once again. Hair manufacture is therefore stimulated and there should be an increase in the level of hair and the general thickness. Continued treatment can maintain the hair growth that has been made.

For the patient the procedure couldn't be easier. It means sitting under a device shaped like a dome. The lining of the dome is covered in special diodes that produce the laser light. These flash regularly illuminating the skin with the laser light. The scalp absorbs the light, which stimulates the hair follicles. During the treatment there is no pain and the patient can study a news paper to pass the time. At the end of the session the patient doesn't have to recover and can go home straight away.

Clinical trials have to establish if new hair has been produced and that the treatment being tested is responsible for the results seen. The use of clients taking a placebo treatment is the method used to make sure that the laser procedure is the causative agent. These clients use the same treatment but no LDS 100 is actually used. Hair counts, before and after photographs and patient self assessment are methods used to establish the extent of hair regrowth. Results from recent tests have shown that LDS 100 hair counts were greater over a 6 month period and that these results were maintained over the following 6 month term. In contrast, those using the placebo made sure the natural loss of hair that one would expect. The results of photographic evidence show that the peak of hair restoration takes placebetween 6 and 12 months of treatment.

Laser hair restoration using the Laser Luce treatment gives a painless way for men and women to regrow hair that has been lost. The results of tests have shown that the laser light not only promotes new hair but then procedes to maintain it by giving the best conditions for the hair follicles to survive.


Natural Hair Loss Remedies can be Good for You

Friday, 3 July 2009

There are a lot of different hair loss treatments available. These vary in their cost and degree of success. In spite of the success and popularity of products such as Propecia there are a large amount of people who don't like the suggestion of taking pills on a regular way to deal with the causes of hair loss. As a result, there is a big interest in more natural products in the hope that they won't harm the body. There is a long history of looking for the successful natural hair loss remedy. The medial evidence for their success is generally quite vague, but this doesn't put people off trying them particularly if they are simple to prepare and apply.

Most of natural remedies are made up of herbs and essential oils. Essential oils make up the smells and tastes of a lot of plant products. They are also removed to be used in aroma therapy goods. The herbs and essential oils can be used by their selves or in the form of a blend. Here are some sorts of natural remedies that can be tested.

Rosemary and sage could be used to try and stimulate the health and production of hair follicles. They have to be simmered together and then the solid parts strained out to leave the liquid portion. This is then applied as a rinse over the head. It is best to do this after applying your shampoo.

Red pepper can be blended with water and then applied to the bald or thinning areas. It is thought that the irritating nature of the pepper enlargens the blood circulation in the scalp and thereby promotes the health of the scalp.

Aloe Vera can be used in a liquid formulation and put on to the scalp. It aids the healing of irritated scalp and cleans the hair follicles. In doing this, it promotes their health and can reduce hair loss. It is thought that Aloe Vera can also promote hair growth by activating some growth enzymes in the scalp.

Safflower oil can be rubbed onto the scalp. This is another herbal product which acts by dilating the blood capillaries in the scalp and accordingly swelling the blood supply to the hair follicles. This provides healthy conditions for aiding with hair regrowth.

Onion has been used for centuries in respect to balding. It can be massaged into the scalp before shampooing the hair. The treatment reduces any irritation in the scalp and establishes a better blood circulation to the hair follicles

In terms of Aromatherapy we can apply a mixture of lavender and bay essential oils with an almond oil base. This should be rubbed into the scalp. The essential oils and massage help to increase the circulation of blood in the scalp and therefore aid the health of hair follicles.

For those of you who don't want to have the effort of preparing your own natural ingredients there are commercially available ones such as Revivogen. Its main active ingredients are natural substances which help to stop the formation of DHT. In this respect it acts in the same way as Propecia. But, it is not taken internally. It is only massaged onto the scalp. As well as DHT inhibitors there are other substances included which are said to to block the receptors of mail hormones in scalp follicles and also to stimulate hair growth

Whatever your thoughts on herbal treatments, there is one definite thing and that is that you will not come to any harm trying them. In the round they are also less costly as well. If you are into natural
cures then it might be worth trying some out. Even if they don't work too well in terms of regaining lost hair they should help to maintain the scalp in excellent condition which should help and keep the remaining follicles in good health.


Reversing Hair Loss - The Proven Hair Re-Growing Agents

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Reversing hair loss is a feat that most men would want to achieve. Unfortunately, very few are able to get back lost hair once the hair fall becomes massive. Reversing hair loss is definitely not easy but it’s not impossible either.

Before using any particular herb or product, it is best for the patient to consult his physician. His doctor is the best person to educate him regarding the condition. And a physician is also the best person to discuss the treatments that might suit the patient’s condition. Just in case a strict budget would not allow a hair transplant, it is often always best to resort to natural and proven means of getting a full head of hair.

The Proven Hair Regrowers

Saw Palmetto - this natural remedy has been proven to stop hair fall. It blocks the formation of DHT and prevents this hormone from binding with the hair follicles. It is recommended that 1500 mg of this herb be taken daily. Patients are also advised to refrain from using shampoos that have SLS or Sodium Laureth Sulfate in them. SLS degreases the hair but it also clogs the follicles. Once the hair follicles get clogged, hair fall would soon follow. Discard all shampoos with SLS in them and hair growth would soon be noticeable - many patients have reported an improvement on their hair and scalp after ditching their old shampoos.

Eat foods that are rich in minerals like zinc, iron, or magnesium. These minerals are proven to be beneficial in restoring hair.

Buy a lotion that would condition the scalp. There are hair loss lotions and creams in the market that contain herbs which are proven to be effective in preventing hair loss. Herbs such as rosemary, lavender, aloe vera and coconut milk all have hair re-growing properties.

Blood circulation needs to be improved to be able to stop hair loss. Starved hair follicles tend to weaken and fall and to reverse this, it is best to purchase natural remedies which have no side effects. Ginkgo Biloba, Capsicum (in peppers), and prickly ash all improve circulation of the blood. Before getting into a regimen, it is wise for a patient to consult with a physician especially when he has existing medications for hypertension.

Olive and virgin coconut oils are proven hair growers, too. It just takes religious, daily applications to make the hair grow back.

Other Methods

Sometimes, laziness tends to consume most hair loss patients that they give up as soon as a month of applying or taking any medicine. Once they don’t see any fast results, these patients just shrug their shoulders and give up. Simple methods such as massaging one’s scalp for 15 minutes each day would greatly improve the blood circulation on that area. The massage would be further enhanced with the use of the aforementioned oils (olive and virgin coconut oils).

Stressful living could result into many ill conditions on the human body. Eliminating stress in one’s life would also improve the systems of the body. Let go and let live—relax and take the regimen you have chosen one day at a time; and before you know it, there would be baby hairs on your scalp!

Act Quick When You Notice Hair Loss Problem!

Hair loss doesn't happen overnight. It happens gradually overtime and anything that occurs slow and steady can be prevented from furthering with the right amount of awareness. Yes, hair loss can be prevented if you really put your mind to it and consider it as a serious problem that will affect you in many ways if not taken care of. You can actually start today and put an end to your hair loss problem with the right vitamin intake and use of natural hair loss prevention methods. This article will look into how one can take care of hair loss with dedication and prevent it before it starts to interfere with your day-to-day life.

Hair loss is often a cause of concern for many. It affects the morale of a person negatively. The self confidence and morale of the person suffer badly. Many people succumb into depression too. Hence, the only way to tackle this problem is by consulting a doctor immediately. No sooner you experience the problem; you must consult a hair specialist. They will study your lifestyle and diet plan. Based on this, they will suggest the remedial measures to correct the problem.

It may seem an impossible way to deal with the problem. Many a times, the problem may result due to lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the body. This can be easily compensated by supplementing the diet with vitamins and minerals that can promote hair growth. Doing so, will surely help in re-growth of hair. You should not ignore the problem. Immediately, you must take effective steps to deal with the problem.

Many of us tend to ignore the fat how much good can a good diet plan can do. In the absence of a proper diet plan, you may suffer multiple health problems. A very basic quantity of vitamins and minerals is it stops the hair fall problem immediately. Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is often found in eggs, nuts and meat. It is known to prevent hair loss problem.

A diet that is rich in minerals and comprises of green leafy vegetables can help tackle the problem effectively. Moreover, sulphur, which is found in onion and garlic, is also known to drastically improve the thickness of hair. It also strengthens the roots and helps in re-growth. Besides, the inclusion of vitamins and minerals, you could also follow an exercise routine that can help deal with hair loss problem efficiently. A change in lifestyle can also help tackle the problem. You must also ensure you’re you get enough sleep as lack of sleep too can cause this kind of problem. It is an absolute must to get 8 hours sleep every night. This is important as your hair needs rest to re-grow.


Re-grow Your Natural Hair

Monday, 29 June 2009

The majority of hair loss prevention products on the market do very little to regrow hair. At best, they slow down the process of androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), and in many cases they don't even do that. Fortunately, there's an all-natural method for you to prevent further hair loss and to regrow hair--it's called Provillus.

Provillus, an oral supplement, works to block DHT, a form of testosterone that is responsible for 95 percent of hair loss. It also works to stimulate the scalp and bring dead follicles back to life. You can use Provillus as a preventative tool, starting the program before hair loss becomes severe, or you can use it after DHT has already begun to take hold of your hair and scalp.

Our Money-Back GuaranteeResults for people who have used leading chemical-based hair loss products are inconsistent. While some people will notice somewhat of a minor change, others will watch as their hair continues to fall out at the same rate. Provillus, on the other hand, has enjoyed consistently positive results by utilizing proven natural substances like saw palmetto, vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc to attack hair loss from all angles. Plus, because it's all-natural, you won't suffer the physical and sexual side effects that other hair regrowth products cause.

When you order Provillus from us, it comes with a money back guarantee. If you are not pleased with the results you get from our product, you have six months to return it for a full refund. We are confident, though, that when you use our supplement, you will stop losing and start regrowing your hair.

By: Art Jette

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Camouflaging Hair Loss

Saturday, 27 June 2009

The two methods of non-surgical hair replacement today involve the use of hair systems and hair loss concealers. Various types of hair systems such as full wigs, hairpieces, toupees, hair extensions and weaves can look very authentic and have been used for ages to cover bald spots and typically with good rates of success. However, their typical weaknesses are high maintenance costs and, in many situations, the discomfort of wearing them. Hair loss concealers on the other hand have been around for a much shorter period of time and have often been looked down upon for being incapable of withstanding adverse external conditions and for appearing unnatural. This no longer appears to be true as many of them have dramatically improved recently, both in terms of their authentic appearance and their resistance.

There three basic types of hair loss concealers include those that simply paint your scalp to match your hair colour, then there are hair thickeners that thicken your hair by coating and penetrating the hair and trapping moisture and volume-building proteins inside the hair shaft and, lastly, there are concealers that apply microfibers that cling to your hair like branches to the trunk of a tree, increasing the hair density. Some products combine two of the aforementioned approaches and paint your scalp and thicken your hair at the same time. All of these products come in various application forms, such as a powder, cream or a spray. Hair loss concealers do not contain any substance that would combat hair loss but some of them allow you to continue with a topical hair loss treatment such as minoxidil.

Microfibre-based hair loss concealers can be typically applied in as little as 30 seconds versus a minimum of five minutes needed for hair thickeners. However, microfibres are less water-resistant and it is quite difficult to apply them precisely and, therefore, they are not too good for creating an authentic-looking frontal hairline. Their greatest advantage is that they are unrecognisable in your hair, even with a very close inspection. Hair thickeners, mainly those that also colour your scalp, are extremely water-resistant and excellent for frontal hairlines but they take longer to apply. They cover your scalp with a layer of colouring substance, which makes it difficult to effectively apply any topical hair loss treatment. Their greatest weakness in comparison to microfibres is that in direct sunlight it can become visible to the sharp eye that the scalp has been painted.

The common weakness of all chemical substances used for concealing hair loss seems to be the limited choice of available shades. Some hair loss sufferers use a combination of two products simultaneously to overcome the weaknesses of individual products and to achieve the most authentic looking shade and appearance. Most often a combination of a hair thickener and a microfibrous concealer is used. The results of such combinations are typically excellent. If you wish to try any such combinations, make sure that you apply the scalp-painting, hair loss thickener first and then use the microfibres to mask the remaining imperfections. There are many products in all three categories of hair loss concealers out there and you may want to test several of them in order to identify those that best match you hair colour and style of application.

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Women's Hair Loss: Finally The Solution To Thinning Hair!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

An estimated 40% of women experience noticeable hair loss by the age 40. Women rarely lose their hair due to genetic predisposition. However hair loss in women is reaching new high levels. Women's hair loss can start as early as the late teens to early twenties. Most commonly, women experience an overall thinning of hair rather than a receding hair line like men do. It is normal to lose 50 to 150 hairs in a day; however hair loss in women usually occurs when these hairs start to be replaced by shorter, thinner hairs. This can be hard to notice at first, but over time it can become very apparent. Thinning hair loss in women may be caused by many problems:

Hormonal imbalance and other cyclical shifts.

Hair loss related to pregnancy postmenopausal trauma.

Effects of medications including birth control pills.

Nervous conditions including tension and stress.

Medical treatments such as chemo therapy and thyroid conditions.

Harsh chemicals such as commercial shampoos, perms, hair color, and bleach

Iron, vitamin and mineral imbalance.

Severely poor diet including dehydration.

Poor circulation can cut off the nutrients that blood flow delivers to the scalp.

Good News For Hair Loss Suffers:

Women have a higher success rate than men, because they have less testosterone and fewer, more evenly dispersed receptor sites in the follicles. In as little as 3 months you can start to notice fuller, thicker hair and even new hair growth.

* Regenerx penetrates the hair shaft, restoring the follicle, resulting in thicker hair.

* Regenerx improves circulation by increasing blow flow to the scalp.

* Regenerx also acts as a thickening agent that naturally conditions and will not alter or damage color treated hair.

* Regenerx is all natural safe alternative to Rogaine however without the side effects associated with minoxidil which can include scalp irritation, itchiness and dryness. Also, unlike minoxidil, Regenerx does not contain any alcohol or propylene glycol (PPG) which can really irritate the scalp and alter or damage color treated hair.

Regenerx- Finally...the solution for thinning hair.

Regenerx was developed from clinical research work conducted at Department of Dermatology, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, in Scotland.

Treatment with this formulation in the patients suffering from mild to severe hair loss showed significant improvement compared with the control group. Researchers have concluded that pharmacologically active stimulants for hair growth are present in this formulation of specific essential oils and that these oils can be therapeutic in patients with alopecia and thinning hair. The researchers also point out that the formulation caused no side effects, while steroids and other common agents can cause adverse side effects as described above.

Regenerx contains a unique blend of natural oils like cedarwood, rosemary, and lavender which help stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp. More blood flow allows more of the important nutrients and vitamins to reach the scalp. Increased blood circulation can help awaken previously dormant follicles and promote new hair growth.

Regenerx formulation also includes jojoba, grapeseed, thyme, and rosemary oils to help condition and revitalize the scalp. These ingredients contain antioxidants which neutralize free-radicals that can damage cells of the scalp. Natural oils like these moisturize and soften dry, damaged scalp to help restore hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Jojoba and grapeseed oils are also very effective carrier oils. Carrier oils promote the absorption of other oils into the skin to further increase their effectiveness.

Hair follicles can sometimes become clogged with build-ups of sebum that inhibit hair growth. It's important to clean out this build-up to make way for new hair growth. Lavender, thyme, and jojoba are natural oils that can clear out sebum to make way for new hair growth. In some cases bacteria can inhibit hair growth. These oils also have antiseptic properties that can destroy harmful bacteria and soothe the scalp to create a better environment for hair growth.

Women experiencing hormonal changes often find that their hair starts to thin and becomes brittle. Years of harsh treatment combined with blow-drying and exposure to the sun may irreparably damage hair and decrease volume. Regenerx is a natural way to bring back fuller hair by stimulating hair growth as well as volumizing existing hair using natural essential oils. Whether you are experiencing advanced women's hair loss, noticing a slight thinning of your hair, or want to prevent hair loss altogether. Regenerx provides a unique and effective treatment for women's hair loss that can have you seeing noticeable results just in 3 months or less. You don't have to suffer from the effects of hair loss. Finally there is a effective all natural solution for thinning hair.

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