A Golden Future with Hair Restoration

Friday, 17 July 2009

Hair loss affects you in many ways but the main thing that it does is destroy confidence. Without confidence you have problems going about general life. Life is ultimately a competition and without all your natural attributes, such as a full head of hair, it is difficult to see how the game is fair. It can affect relationships or future relationships, job interviews, respect in friendship groups and perhaps more generally how we react to the rest of the world. It is no wonder that people with hair loss are increasingly looking for ways to restore their hair so that they can look forward to a bold future and not a bald one.

Hair restoration is any method used that provides a way for you to replace hairs in an area that is bald or balding. There are 2 main ways that are used. The first involves the stimulation of remaining hair follicles to wake them up and begin producing hair once again. The second relies on transplanting follicles from areas of the scalp where it continues to grow to areas that are thinning or bald. There are a number of techniques used for both strategies. Certainly the stimulation of hair follicles is a good method in the first stages of balding, where as the transplant method is better for older people with more extensive hair loss.

There are a range of techniques that can be employed to promote the hair follicles that you still have. There are drugs such as Minoxidil which despite initially used to aid with the problems of high blood pressure have since been found to stimulate hair production in the scalp as a side effect.

There are still more drugs and herbal cures that work by blocking the effect of androgen male hormones on the working of hair cells. These stop a problematic hormone called DHT being produced in the hair follicles. Persons with genetic type baldness seem to have follicles that are very sensitive to this DHT hormone. They react by making far weaker hair and eventually shrinking away to nothing. These drugs and herbs reawaken the hair follicles causing them to go on to produce good hair once again.

Another method involves the use of low energy laser light. This laser light in the infra red band of the electro magnetic spectrum has been found to stimulate respiration and blood circulation in scalp tissue. This keeps the hair follicles healthy so that they go one to make hair. The usual methodology for these treatments is to first reawaken the scalp follicles, get them to make healthy hair and then keep them in this growth period so that they don't wither away and die off.

The alternative for people with bigger bald areas is to use some type of hair transplant. This always involves a degree of hair transplant surgery. methods in this area have improved greatly over the last few years. They all depend on the fact that follicles from the back of the head always continue to produce healthy hair no matter where located. For some reason the hair cells remain resistant to the DHT chemical even if they are transplanted.

Early methods used to transplant strips of scalp skin complete with follicles. This has the difficulty of causing a lot of pain, scarring at the back of the head and the problem in getting a natural look in the new location. New techniques use microscopes to identify and extract small groups of hair follicles and transplant them to the new area. In this way the level of disruption to the donor site is very small, which reduces scarring in this area. During the transplant of these follicle groups it is possible to make sure that they look natural in their new location by putting them at the correct angle and direction to lie evenly in comparison to the remaining hair.

In terms of hair transplant cost the older methods are the cheapest because they are less labor intensive. However, as can be seen there are larger benefits in the newer follicular unit treatment. It is a problem that some clinics are still using the old methods purely because of the extra profits that can be made.

These hair restoration methods that have been given could be seen as a life long process with people starting with regrowing and maintaining hair follicles and then going on to hair transplants later in life. Costs can be high as visits to clinics have to be maintained over many years. However, the results can be very good and potentially life changing making a bold future a reality.

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