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Sunday, 26 July 2009

With the recent advances in hair products it was just a matter of time before someone invented a test that would help to find out why men and women lose hair. This test has finally reached the public and is sure to take the beauty world by storm. We’ll take a few minutes to help you understand what this test is and how it can help.

The hair follicle test uses hair that is taken directly from your head. This can be done in your own home and mailed in to the lab. This is important as you will never have to visit a doctor’s office for this test as the hair can be mailed from anywhere in the world and a sample is easily taken. To take a sample of hair your simply run your fingers through the parts of your scalp where you perceive to have the worst hair problems. You then take that sample of hair and put it into a ziplock bag. It is important to note that you shouldn’t be plucking the hair from the scalp. You simply run your fingers thru until the hair’s simply barely come out. This should not be hard to do. You want to avoid combing to get them out as that may rip them out of the scalp as well. Next you will mail these samples into the lab.

Here is what the test can help you to understand. Many people suffer from a variety of hair problems including hair breakage, hair thinning, sebum build up on the root, bacteria build up on the root, hormonal hair problems, lack of nutrition in the hair and even stress that affects hair growth. By looking at these hairs thru a microscope most of the above can be seen and therefore the #1 factor that is causing your hair problems can be seen in the microscope. Stress shows up as a yellow color in the middle of the hair and lack of nutrition also shows in the medulla of the hair and the most obvious is the build up that is easily seen in the microscope. Each problem must be handled for your h air to become healthy again.

Hair loss is typically caused by stress, dht or lack of nutrition or even build up on the root of the hair. So what do you do if you have one of these problems? The answer is varied for each problems and many women and men will have more than one. For example dht chokes off the hair and causes the nutrition level to fall in the hair. Therefore both of these must be handled for the hair to become healthy again. The analysis can also be used to see why women or men have more breaking hair than they should have. It helps to show if hair has been damaged during perms, coloring or h ighlights. It is a great tool that can be used to define how healthy the hair is general and is used by top hair salons on their clients before they start color work to make sure that the hair is healthy enough to handle it.

As far as products go you should know about the basic hair products that help to make your hair healthy. First is a deep cleansing shampoo along with an oil that will deep cleanse the scalp and the root of the hair. The best is A Follicle Cleanser shampoo along with Jojoba oil to help remove the stubborn and deep sebum plugs and bacteria that prevent the proper amount of nutrition and oxygen that should reach the hair.

The second set of products are designed to stimulate the hair and these products help to produce a better blood flow to the root of the hair. This stimulates healthy hair growth and this in turn makes the hair stronger and ready to hand procedures such as coloring and perming. And the final set of products are nutrition based which feed the root of the hair the nutrition that it needs to be healthy. These products can range from hair vitamins to vitamin shampoos. To learn more about our beauty products visit the link below.

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