Regrowing Your Hair By Natural Means Is The Ultimate Way To Prevent Hair Loss

Friday, 29 April 2011

Whether you are a man or woman, losing your hair can be traumatizing. It will help you to know that androgenic alopecia is the most common reason why men and women lose their hair. Also known as male pattern baldness, it starts by the hairline receding over time to form an "M " shape on the scalp. Concurrently, there is also an overall thinning of the hair. With both of these things happening at the same time, baldness will eventually set in.

Why androgenic alopecia takes place is due to excessive amounts of DHT. DHT is the short form for dihydrotestosterone. It is a naturally occurring hormone that the body produces. However, in excess, it causes your hair follicles to shrink. As your hair goes through each cycle of growth and regrowth, each new strand becomes thinner and thinner until the hair follicle becomes too tiny. At this stage, new hair growth does not take place and baldness is what happens.

You might think that balding will happen only after a certain age. But the truth is that male pattern baldness can start even just after puberty. If your family has a history of this condition in either the men or women, it could just happen to you. Unfortunately, if nothing is done about this condition as soon as it is detected, you may just end up being bald.

Androgenic Alopecia - Can You Do Anything About It?

When it comes to stopping hair loss because of excessive DHT, it is definitely possible. Many other men and women have fought the battle and have retained their hair. The key to success is to first reduce the excessive levels of DHT in your body back to the normal trace amounts required. As it is still required by your body for other necessary functions, you do still need some DHT in your system.

To reduce excessive amounts of DHT in your body, there are two choices:

1. Through the use of synthetic chemical drugs or

2. through the use of natural treatments.

Synthetic drugs for treating the loss of hair are Propecia and Rogaine. While they have helped some people, not everyone accepts that this is the only way to treat thinning hair. The other disadvantages you need to know about using chemical drugs is the side effects that come along. For example, it can cause gynecomastia. Which is the growth of breasts in men. Other equally harsh side effects are erectile dysfunction, chest pains and other ailments.

If you wish there are alternatives to chemical drugs, you should be very happy. The use of natural hair loss methods is a favorite alternative to taking drugs. Being natural and organic in essence, they do not have the kind of side effects that you may get with synthetic drugs.

All things said and done, using a natural hair growth remedies to stop hair loss is better than the use of chemical drugs or other options like hair transplant surgery. You don't get unwanted side effects and you do not have to incur the kind of costs and risks that may come with conventional hair loss methods.

How To Get Long Hair: 4 Mane Tips And Tricks Revealed

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Are you sick and tired pretending you love to sport short hair when the truth is, you are actually having thinning hair problems? What happens is you can't really grow your hair however hard you try. If you are in the same situation, don't worry because there are countless of hair thinning solutions that you may try. Here are just a few of them on how to get long hair in no time:

1. Make Sure You Change Your Hairstyle Once In A While.

First of all; make it a point that you vary the way you wear your hair. If you feel like your hair has grown a lot longer, then it is time for you to have a hair cut again. Let the hair cutter cut half an inch only. This is to stimulate the hair follicles to produce growth hormones which will stimulate the growth.

2. Strengthen Every Strand Of Your Hair.

Really, there are lots of tips and tricks about how to get long hair. First, use the gentlest hair products so that you will nourish your hair from the roots all the way to the tips of each strand. By stopping use of shampoos proven to have harsh chemicals, you are automatically protecting your hair from further damage. Remember that feeding your hair the fuel that it needs in order to grow is very important if you really wish to have thicker tresses in less time.

3. Eat The Right Kinds Of Food

Commit yourself to eating the proper foods so that you may stay healthy not just inside but also on the external at the same time. In case you do not know, hair grows faster when you eat healthy foods. That is why hair experts always recommend people with hair loss or hair thinning problems to cease eating junk foods, canned or processed foods, or any food which you know are unhealthy.

Instead, start slipping in nourishing foods into your diet such as the protein-enriched food groups. These include of course, eggs, fish like salmon or other oily fish that can give you the omega 3 and Vitamin 12 you need. There are also the cereals for more zinc and Vitamin B6 and iron for rejuvenating your growth hormones. Do not underestimate the power of discipline in your diet. Commit yourself to eating lots of nuts and whole grains as they are abundant in Selenium known to transport the essential nutrients to your scalp.

4. Stop Torturing Your Hair

Finally, stop being a monster to your hair. You may do this by getting rid of the electric gadgets you would normally use to style or fix your hair. Start throwing away your iron curlers or hair dryers! Make sure that you do not expose your mane to extreme heat whether solar or electric as they are 100 % proven to cause hair damage. Instead, opt for a regular head massage for better blood circulation. This is very necessary if you are serious about finally resolving your issues about how to get long hair.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment For Women - 6 Tips To Bear In Mind

Friday, 8 April 2011

So are those long, precious strands of yours starting to get thinner and thinner and are falling off like dead leaves in autumn? It's time to put a little "spring" to your precious locks so that you won't end up being bald after several years. Start finding solutions right away because the clock is ticking. Perhaps you already know a lot of certain tips and options when it comes to natural hair loss treatment for women. But why go the natural route? Are those artificial means like commercial products and surgery not effective?

The reason why most people try natural options first when it comes to treating issues regarding their hair is because they consider those natural means safer than most artificial treatment options. It should also be noted that women (as well as men) try natural treatment methods first and continue on with the artificial ones if the former does not bring desired results. So why don't you explore these six useful tips to save your precious locks:


Perhaps the most basic and most natural hair loss treatment for women and men alike is information. Getting informed is the very first step to take if you want to fight against hair loss. You need to be well-informed to be able to find solutions and make the right decision. It's a good thing that nowadays, information sits at our fingertips.


Don't forget to drink enough water daily. It should be 8-10 glasses a day. A lot of people ignore the significance of water in our system. Water helps in promoting normal blood circulation. Don't you know that your scalp and hair follicles benefit a lot from proper blood circulation? Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages and other stuff, consume the right amount of water. This will also help reduce instances of dehydration. Equally important tip: it's not advisable to drink too much water as well.


Do you want to treat hair loss naturally? Start with a proper diet plan. One of the main causes of the thinning and falling of your tresses is hormonal imbalance. This problem involving your hormones usually appears when you don't eat the right kinds of food with the right amount. Focus more on healthy foods and minimize the intake of junk foods and sweets.

Vitamin Supplements

You may have already known that certain supplements like those rich in Vitamins A, C, E and the B vitamins (Inositol, Biotin, etc.) can help promote safe and effective hair growth. This really makes sense if you have vitamin deficiency because that can contribute to the loss of your beloved curls as well.

Stress-reduction Techniques

We all know that stress is a silent killer so why not kill this thing whenever it surfaces? There are great stress-reduction techniques that you can try like going to a spa, taking a nice, warm bath, doing yoga or meditation and giving yourself a scalp massage. Whatever it takes to get that stress out of your system, do it. Experts have linked stress to hormonal imbalance and you don't want that in you.

Herbal Remedies

Perhaps you have heard about a certain suggestion that involves drinking rosemary tea. Herbal remedies may help you battle hair loss as long as you follow the instructions as they are. Some other herbs that you can use are nettle roots, ginseng and saw palmetto. Find out more herbal remedies that can promote healthy growth of your hair.

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