Hair Loss And Hair Growth Myths – Part 1

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Hair loss occupies all of us. If we are not experiencing hair loss, we have a close friend or relative who does. In fact, dozens of millions suffer from hair loss. It is only natural that so many hair loss myths will arise. We have gathered all the major hair loss and hair growth myths. Read them carefully before choosing a hair loss treatment.

1. The myth – People who have fast growing hair will not suffer from hair loss.

The truth – Fast growing hair indicates on a good nutrition but has no connection with hair loss.

2. The myth - Hanging up side down or standing on your head increases the blood pressure in the head and helps with preventing hair loss, stopping it and regrowing hair.

The truth – hanging up side down will only make you look ridiculous. We suggest you try other hair loss treatments.

3. The myth - You may have male pattern baldness only if your mother side of the family has a history of balding.

The truth - It has been proven that male and female hair loss can be inherited by both sides of the family.

4. The myth – hair cuts make the hair grow faster

The truth – All seen hair is in fact dead tissues. Hair cuts only cuts the hair to where the hair shaft is thicker. You may get the illusion that cutting the hair actually makes it thicker but the hair follicles are not influenced by it.

5. The myth – Wearing a hat or using a towel to dry it may stimulate hair loss

The truth – Pulling your hair strongly may in some cases affect hair loss. Yet, wearing hats or using a towel over your head will not stimulate hair loss.

6. The myth - Stress may cause permanent hair loss

The truth – In some cases, stress may only cause temporary hair loss.

7. The myth – Drinking and smoking do not affect hair loss

The truth – Smoking, drinking and other bad habits such as bad diet may stimulate hair loss processes.

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