Natural Treatments For Hair Loss

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

There has been a rise in the number of people searching for natural treatments for hair loss, as more and more people awake to the possibility of side-effect-free hair loss treatment that these natural hair loss treatments offer.

One of the most popular of these natural treatments for hair loss is saw palmetto, which is particularly effective in treating androgen-induced hair loss. Other people suffering from hair loss too can use saw palmetto, though women using oral contraceptives or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) are discouraged from using saw palmetto. Incidentally, use of saw palmetto can also go a long way towards the treatment of benign prostrate growths, meaning that through it, you can kill two birds with the same stone. The popularity of saw palmetto as a natural hair loss treatment aid probably stems from the fact that the type of hair loss it treats best (that is, androgen induced hair loss) – which manifests as baldness - is perhaps the severest and most conspicuous of all hair loss, making many people whom it affects prematurely almost desperate for some form of treatment, which saw palmetto promises.

Jojoba oil is another popular treatment for natural hair loss, with many commercial hair care products nowadays incorporating it as one of their ingredients. While using jojoba oil to fight hair loss, you will also be protecting yourself from among other conditions dandruff and eczema, again giving you – in a way of speaking – the opportunity to kill two birds with the same stone.

Then there is Aloe Vera, which has shown some remarkable efficacy in the treatment of hair loss, of course alongside the other huge number of conditions it treats. The way aloe vera works in the treatment of hair loss is by ridding the pores on which hair grows on the scalp of any possible infections which could cause hair loss, while also balancing the scalp’s PH, seeing that the falling out of balance of scalp PH is one of the major – but often unappreciated - causes of hair loss.

Nettle is yet another natural hair loss treatment that has shown considerable efficacy. As it turns out, some cases of hair loss are caused by lack of the relevant nutrients, especially vitamins A and C. And nettle (especially its root extract) happens to be rich in these nutrients, making it a great natural hair loss treatment option for cases of hair loss caused by lack of these nutrients.

Through these other unmentioned natural treatments for hair loss, one has the opportunity to sort their hair loss problems without subjecting themselves to the potential side-effects that the use of synthetic-chemical based hair loss treatments could cause.

By: Ryan Charles

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