Coloring Your Hair – So Many Colors To Choose From

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

If you’re tired of your same old look and are looking for a makeover the quickest and most dramatic way to change your look is by coloring your hair. But with so many colors to choose from what color do you pick?

Before you even begin to pick a color you need to understand a little bit about the different types of dyes. Permanent hair color uses peroxide to lift your hair color and open the hair cuticle so that the new tint can penetrate and form the color. The higher the level of peroxide is the quicker the color will take and the lighter the results will be.

But not all of us want to make a permanent change to our hair color and that’s why there are semi permanent colors to choose from. These colors don’t lift any of your natural color. They have a small amount of peroxide so the cuticle is opened up slightly for the color to adhere slightly so the color slowly fades away leaving nor regrowth. Color will usually last about 20 washes.

Now that you understand the two different types of hair dye you need to decide what color you want to be. First understand that if you want to actually change your hair color you’ll need to use a permanent hair color. Semi permanents only add color over top so you won’t be able to go from say brunette to a blonde with a semi but you could get some great red highlights.

When choosing your new color if you aren’t sure then be sure to get some professional advise. Hair style and skin tone play an important role in how a color will look. Your new hair needs to compliment your skin tone so if you are fair skinned stay away from dark colors or black which will wash your complexion out. And dark toned skin doesn’t look good with one shade of blonde but mix up several shades and add some of your natural dark hair color into the mix and it’s “hot!”

If you’ve always wanted to be a blonde and you’ve decided now is the time to do it then go for it. If you haven’t played with hair dyes in the past then a home dye kit with a bleaching component in it may work for you. However if you have used dyes in the past you “must” get your hair done professionally.

The reason is that the old color has to be lifted out and this is a long process but it must also be done with caution so as not to make the hair brittle. You must also be able to strip the hair evenly and then reapply your new blonde color over it. Your stylist is trained to do this and will tell you if your hair is a candidate for it.

If you try this at home here’s what you can expect. Orange hair – and we aren’t talking cool punk rock orange we are talking carrot which may even be combined with some white patches on new growth hair at the roots. Hum that’s attractive. Top that with harsh bleaching compounds and inexperience and you could also land up with hair that is breaking off at the root. All that damage to your hair and the only way to fix it will be to dye it back to brown. So I repeat if you are dark haired, have red in your hair, or have previously dyed your hair leave going blonde to the pros.

Red is a very sexy color and it screams for attention. Red adheres well to the hair shaft so it’s fairly easy for most people to accomplish. Unfortunately red also fades fast so you may have to repeat more often than other colors. If you are blonde you will have to darken your hair a few shades to get a naturally rich brunette red shade otherwise you’ll look like a red chili pepper.

Brown shades are safe choices for almost anyone and there is a variety of shaded to choose from. And dark pigments add volume making your hair shiny and healthy looking.

Black is the easiest color to apply and there is really no way to mess this one up. It will cover all hair colors and hair types. But you need to use caution because black doesn’t look good on everyone. It will look good on dark and olive skins and it has a bit of a Goth look to it but it can make you look like you’ve got one foot in the grave if you are older or your skin is too fair. Black is also next to impossible to get out of your hair so great for short hair but think about it before doing your long hair. Are you sure you can live with it?

If you aren’t sure about the color you want to try and a semi permanent is appropriate it’s a great way to get a feel for a color. And if you don’t like it just wash your hair lots and it will be gone in no time. You can do permanent color changes at home but if you aren’t sure always check with a stylist.

So if you are tired of your same old hair and are ready change by coloring your hair get ready for a brand new look. Now the only question is what color will you choose?

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