Are There Blond Full Lace Wigs?

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Wigs are versatile depending on your lifestyle. You may require its use for a short period for style preference or for an extended period of time due to an illness or condition. Regardless, of the reason you might prefer one that resembles you as much as possible or gives you an exclusive look, taking into an account the hair density, color and texture.

The hair chosen to develop full face wigs are either Indian or Asian Remy in nature. Distinctive for its texture and shine this hair is neither dull nor thin and is hand tied to a lace cap. Since the custom development of such units can take weeks and sometimes even months, they can be quite costly for even for the middle class consumer, however in many cases the price is correlated with its quality.

Lace wigs are exceptionally made in a variety of shades to give it a natural appearance. In addition the lace base once attached it is placed especially close to the hairline making it appear normal. With the cuticle still place and its custom design, the hair is attached in a unidirectional manner for an undetectable feature.

Worn by a number of celebrities full lace wigs are the most natural in appearance and they are available in different hair densities. The general development of a full lace unit is woven in a light to medium density to mimic a natural hair growth and thickness. In addition, you are not limited to certain hairstyles. You can purchase a ready made unit or customize the unit to your preferred texture and style. Available in stock units come in common textures such as straight, body, wavy and even jeri curls.

In addition there are also a wide range of hair colors available including several shades of blonde, including bleached, platinum, honey blonde, reddish blonde, natural blonde, golden blonde and even blonde highlights. Whatever type of blonde you are, it is available either in stock or can be custom made. However, you should take your time as you select your specific shade of blonde; for some color charts may be either lighter or darker than they appear.


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