What Are The Common Causes Of Hair Loss

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Millions of people from age 40 on can be prone to have hair loss. It is a condition where hair starts to become thin and after a couple of months or years the scalp will be visible until hair stops growing and as a result baldness happens. Hair loss or alopecia in medical terms is more common to men than women.

As more people experience this condition, the more hair loss products and treatments appear in the market today. It is important to know that there are products that have ingredients that can be harmful and may cause the process of hair loss to speed up, so being cautious is important. What are the factors of hair loss? According to studies, hair loss has many different causes. One of the factors of hair loss is improper nutrition. Having a very poor immune system will just increase the risk of having hair loss problem, so it is very important to have a healthy diet.

Eating fresh vegetables and fruits and doing a regular exercise is one way to boost the immune system. Stress was also found out to be a factor that is associated with hair loss. Too much stress from life and work causes the hormones to behave abnormally which can affect the hormones that help in promoting healthy hair growth. Using products that contain strong harmful chemicals can also promote hair loss. These products damage the scalp and hair follicles which hinders the growth of healthy hair.

Avoiding products that contains dangerous elements is essential to avoid hair loss. To be able to understand what causes hair loss is the best possible thing to do to minimize the risk of having this condition. If you notice that your hair is becoming thin, consulting your doctor would be the best thing to do to avoid further damage to your hair.

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