Male Pattern Baldness - Propecia

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Breakthrough advancements in hair restoration may mean bye bye baldness in 5 years time. German scientists at Berlin Technical University have used stem cells (the body's main cells) to make the first ever artificial hair follicles. The follicles created were made of animal cells but the team are confident that they will succeed in growing human hairs from stem cells within a 12 month period. Preparations for clinical trials have commenced.

These stem cells can be grown into any type of body tissue or organ and in five years; those who suffer from baldness will have the ability to grow hair using their own stem cells. The hairs will then be implanted into the scalp's bald areas. It is estimated that the procedure will take five to ten hours to complete and even at that it will need to be repeated again and again in order to produce the desired effect.

In the meantime, propecia (finasteride) is a very popular and very effective treatment for male pattern baldness (the most common type of hair loss). Propecia has a huge success rate and men who take it often find that the treatment results in the prevention of further hair loss and in many cases a regrowth of hair. It is said that the earlier the treatment commences, the better the results.

Women are turning to advanced laser therapy in order to restore their locks. An 84% success rate has been reported and results are said to be apparent within 3 months in most cases.

The treatment involves the massaging and heating of the scalp thus expanding the pores to increase blood flow to the hair follicles. It may seem like a drastic measure to go this length for hair loss but baldness and the loss of hair can affect men and women in very extreme ways and can impact upon their confidence, relationships and careers.

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