Hair Loss Treatment: Use Hair Loss Products, Correct Hormonal Imbalance

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

So, you have a receding hairline and you are worried about it like hell? Well, let's start with a small tip- massage your scalp. There is nothing new about this age old tip. Medical science has proved that what your barber did to your head after he was through with scissoring you hair mercilessly is clearly beneficial for the growth and health of your hair. Massaging stimulates the hair follicles and unclogs blocked oil glands giving you a healthier scalp. And a healthy scalp means healthier and stronger hair.

Now that we are over with the time, it’s time that we talked about the commonest kind of baldness. This is the kind that indicates advancing age. Most of the time this kind of baldness, in both males and females, has genetic reasons, but may also be caused due to hormonal imbalance. In such cases, correcting hormonal imbalance can put a stop to hair loss.

Correcting hormonal imbalance helps prevent hair loss, during pregnancy. Shortly after child birth many women start losing hair rapidly, and then the fluctuation of hormone levels is naturally controlled and the hair growth comes back to normal. The medical inference drawn is that hormonal imbalances can cause hair loss and this kind of hair loss can be corrected by correcting the imbalance.

You may, therefore, go to a dermatologist and take his opinion on whether or not your hair loss is a result of hormonal imbalance. If, after the tests, he finds so, you may go for a treatment to cure hormonal imbalance. And if your hair loss has got nothing to do with your hormones, look for some effective hair loss product.

Forget not, all hair loss treatments would take around six months to produce any visible effects. The tall claims of checking hair loss instantly are not exactly what you should go by. Have a careful look at the ingredients of the product. Find out how it seeks to arrest hair loss and then go for it. It is advisable that you approach a dermatologist for his opinion before trying any of the products. Better still, take his opinion on the product(s) you want to try. Once you get an approval from the doctor, you can safely use it.


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