Hair Pieces: Fashionable In A Timeless Manner

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Women have always used hair pieces to enhance their looks. The practice was prevalent in the 60’s and 70’s era, after which its popularity was reduced somewhat. But, old styles seldom get canned permanently. Hair pieces have also returned to the fashion world, and with a bang as well. Hair pieces are being widely used by women once again, to add oomph to even their simplest outfits.

Many of the hair pieces that were popular in the past have made grand comebacks, including the following:

1.Tiaras: Well-decorated tiaras embellished with precious or semi precious stones are widely used by women to compliment their outfits, especially those in the modeling profession. But, ordinary women are also wearing tiaras to formal or semi formal occasions these days, to enhance the fashionable looks of their ensembles. A tiara made of silver or white gold and studded with precious stones, like ruby, diamond, etc., can enhance the appeal of almost any ensemble to give it a divine look. Leaving the hair down and sporting a tiara on top of it would almost always create a stunning effect.

2.Head bands: Though somewhat similar in appearance to tiaras, head bands are simpler in looks and quite inexpensive as well, making these accessories highly affordable. Head bands are also available in a lot of varieties, such as, checkerboard, solid color, and bi-color. These can also have motifs printed on these, making these ideal additions to many different types of outfits. Use of head bands is particularly popular among teenagers and young adults, who prefer sporting a trendy look.

3.Hats: These are making a comeback after a long time as well. Hats come in many types, such as, Cowboy, Fedora, Panama or Paloma styles. When worn with the right kind of outfits, hats can spice up outfits like nothing else, and are great for both formal and casual occasions. For instance, one could wear a Cowboy hat with jeans, denim shirts and high boots in a casual get together. Again, Panama hats are great for staying cool on a hot summer day. When coupled with long floral skirts and a good top, the result can be stunning.

These hair pieces are useful for concealing signs of hair loss from others, as well adding a fashionable touch to one’s ensemble. The way these are making a grand comeback, there is no doubt that these are here to stay, and for a long time at that.

By: ajay shringi

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