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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

People often have the mistaken notion that only males can lose hair and that alopecia is a physiological defect the gentle sex is exempt from. As a matter of fact, almost 20% of females in the world are in dire need of protection from the frightful menace of losing their beautiful hair. Most of them have never imagined that there is such a possibility in a woman's life. First of all, there is the female pattern alopecia, which is somewhat similar to the male pattern baldness, though much less severe. Women seem now to be increasingly threatened by what is called diffuse idiopathic alopecia, the cause of which has not yet been definitely ascertained. It is an insidious disease which may not be apparent until about 80% of the hair is lost, and is then manifest as a diffuse thinning of the hair over the entire scalp.

Testosterone excretion has been shown to be elevated, and some theories have been put forward on this basis to explain this type of female alopecia. It is said that this type of alopecia is associated with seborrhea. Anyhow seborrhea should be controlled, no matter whether or not it is really the cause of the hair fall. It has also been suggested that estrogens should be taken internally. How effective this therapy is has not yet been determined. Another suggested treatment is low-dose interrupted courses of corticosteroids.

It's now not so wonderful as it once seemed to be. The hair regenerator we are introducing to patients here is based on the remarkable efficacy of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs in tackling hair loss problems. External application is combined with oral administration, if necessary. And the afflicted girl or woman must be persuaded not to develop any strong neurotic reaction to the hair loss. This is the way traditional Chinese medical practitioners do their work.

In ancient China silk of the light blue color was very precious. It was used only for making rich garments. A beautiful woman's hair was compared to light-blue silk. The famous poet of the Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi noticed the pitiful fact that women also lost hair and described it in the following line:"Fell the silk of light blue and sparse grew the temples."

The situation deplored by the renowned Tang Dynasty poet has become more serious in the contemporary world. But there is no need for female to get into a panic if she finds a few hairs on her pillow in the morning. It is normal for a person, whether male or female, to lose 50-100 pieces of hair during the 24 hours of a day, because he/she is supposed to have one hundred thousand pieces of hair on his/her scalp. If the person washes his/her head and finds a lot of hair in the water, then the situation is more serious.

It is highly probable that he/she is losing hair. It is certain that a woman will feel greatly alarmed or even become ashamed of herself if she should discover that her scalp is barely covered by a thin layer of hair. This is a natural reaction, because her beauty is impaired. Now, what are the causes of hair loss in the case of females? An obvious cause is some chronic skin disease. It must not be overlooked that ringworm may bring about alopecia with scaling and pustulation. This is far more serious than alopecia which is due to other diseases, such as anemia, so far as the possibility of regrowth of hair is concerned.

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