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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hair loss is a widespread problem that happens to most individuals at some stage in their life and to deal with the same one has to be conscious of the problems, solutions and also causes for hair loss. Your hair is one of the most very important aspects of your body and therefore it is necessary to take care of the same because hair loss is a problem which is affected by both internal and external circumstances. For getting rid of hair loss problems you require to search out the reason for it as well.

This problem should not be measured as an ignorable problem because if not treated on time it can lead to baldness and severe loss of hair. It has been observed that experience of hair loss can be an emotional disturbance for both men and women. This takes place due to the way that hair loss affects one's looks and face cut. It has been established that in men pattern of baldness and hair loss depends on heredity. In such cases the only answer out are alternatives similar to hair restoration for treating the similar.

However there are some methods through which still men can attain benefits and these include methods similar to ayurveda that help to combat the problem. Also the loss of hair takes place due to various internal factors and these include unhealthy diets and the lack of nutrition as well. Like your skin even the hair wants nourishment from within as well from external sources for its healthy growth and the surplus use of any medicines, lack of nutrients and poor liver circumstances lead to severe hair loss.

On a standard the loss of 50 to 100 hair strands in a day is ordinary. But studies have exposed that hair loss more than that amount can guide to many kinds of hair problems. Some ingredients that can help in the development of hair include vitamins and iron can along with other healthy proteins and minerals. The best food sources that aid in the development of hair are fenugreek seeds and flaxseeds. Also keep in mind that being free from stress and anxiety prevents loss hair loss and thus you should try and keep yourself happy.

Also homemade remedies like eating sesame seeds each morning and consumption of yogurt daily helps to decrease hair loss. Keep away from junk foods and the focus should be on eating plenty of Vitamin C, sulfur, iron, zinc, and B-complex vitamins. Some fruits and vegetables that help in development of hair include cucumbers, potatoes and peppers that make stronger your hair and can be consumed for controlling hair loss.

There are different kinds of external circumstances that affect the loss of hair and these include pollution, dirt and sunlight, vigorous brushing and improper hair care. To fight off dirt and pollution you should cleanse your hair on alternate days and may be on a daily basis if necessary and apply a conditioner all time you shampoo to stay away from brittleness of the hair. To keep away from dandruff you should have healthy food and use an anti dandruff shampoo also. Again keep away from vigorous brushing of hair as it leads to severe loss of hair and damage to hair follicles.

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