What is Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Friday, 17 April 2009

Male Pattern Hair Loss is the most common form of hair loss. About half of all men experience this condition by age 50. If you have this condition, you are certainly not alone!

You may probably be very familiar with this condition. It begins with a receding hairline and slow balding at the crown. It is usually a progressive condition and if left untreated, it is likely to continue. Scientists believe that this condition is inherited from either side of your family and dihydrotestoterone (or DHT) is a major contributing factor.

Your grandfather has a full healthy crown, so you think that most likely you will not go bald. Beware! This problem can be inherited from either side of the family. Your mum or dad might have passed along a gene to you that makes your hair follicles more susceptible to dihydrotestoterone (DHT).

Men with this condition have elevated levels of DHT in their balding scalp and DHT contributes to thinning hair. As you grow older, you may find that you have lesser strands on your head. While this condition is not rare, you may notice this in the office, if you ignore this condition, it usually gets worse and it may reach a stage of balding.

Most men, like you, would like to keep a crown of healthy shiny black hair. Unfortunately desire and determination alone does not prevent you from this problem. The hair at the temple recedes over time, leaving a central spur at the front and crown. The areas at the front and crown will meet and the top of the head becomes increasingly bald. Eventually only a border of hair is left around the side and back of the head. As this is a progressive condition, early detection and treatment will aid in retaining or even new re-growth.

You have a few choices - look up your family doctor or to find reliable products in the market to get early treatment.

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