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Friday, 17 April 2009

Today Hair loss is a very big problem. Everybody wants to free from the hair loss problem. But if you want to control your hair loss follow the simple and the best step for your hair:

Features and Growth of Hair:

Our hair is covered with three layers: - The outer surface layer of overlapping cells covered the hair shaft or cuticula pili that locks the hair into its Follicle is called Cuticle.

It protects your hair and increase the growth of your hair. It also holds the pigment which is present in our cell for giving hair color. The medulla is the hallow tube in cortex, which makes hair stronger and elastic.

Each hair is joints at the end of root with skin. It is joint with the help of follicle- a small tubular group of cells in skin which contain cavity in the root of hair. It also helps in growth of hair by packing the old cells together. The average growth rate of healthy follicles is .o4 cm per day. At the end of follicle there is a large structure of papilla. Papilla is made up of many tissues. These are structure of hair from starting to end.

When any body comb there they many hair on their and they complain that our hair is falling but it is not true in every case because our follicle which is present at the base of hair it push out old hair and push out new hair. The time period of follicle of growing hair fixed. Around 90 % of hairs are growing at a time and the remaining 10 % percent are resting. When our hair reached its last stage it falls not due to hair loss problem but from its life cycle. So don’t worry if you see hair on your comb or wash basin. If you see thousand of hairs are falling then there is a need of doctor consulting before it say no doctor. Because around 30 to 300 hairs can be fall in one day if your hair falling more then it then you can surely suffering from Hair Loss Problem.

Tips for protecting you from hair loss:

  1. Don’t try unusual hair style which don’t suite to hair. When you go to salon for changing you hair style or hair color they use chemical and give heat to your hair which is not good for your hair roots and follicle. It makes your hair weak and you may face the problem of hair loss.
  2. When you are going out side the home please be with a cap to protect your hair from sun heat.
  3. If you are swimming in pool or beach use a best conditioner on your wet hair to protect it from chlorine and salt water. After that wash it properly with shampoo.
  4. The best way of making your healthy is that don’t use any chemical substance which harm your. Use only the herbal product for your hair growth. Its also make your hair strong, silky, beautiful and shiny.
  5. Best and cheapest treatment of any problem related to hair is make Indian head massage (Champi) two times in a week with oil.
Above mentions are some best tips for your hair loss problem. This all tips are natural and no side effect and best Hair Treatment for you.

About The Author:
Bella Mclaine loves writings on Hair Loss Problem, one of the website she has written extensively about Hair Loss Treatment is www.bodyhealthbeauty.org.



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