How to Combat Hair Loss

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Some day somebody will make millions when they invent the magic pill to regrow lost hair. Unfortunately, due to the differences in our body chemistry, a simple solution it will not be. For the rest of us whom are suffering either male or female pattern baldness, we will have to figure out a way to fight back against it. There are tons of different treatments on the market that you can experiment on yourself with. After you have spent hundreds of hard earned dollars on failed attempts though, you may give up. Below are some of your options.

If you are financially secure enough, you can pay for someone to 'migrate' your hair from the back of your head to the front. The way transplants typically work is they take the hair from the rear of your head (for some reason that hair never seems to be included in the pattern baldness). These can cost as much as $4 - $6 per hair follicle. I don't have that kind of extra money for my vanity. I know there are chearper methods.

You could also use the salves you can purchase over the counter or any combination of pills, etc. Again though, these may or may not even help you. The problem, as I said earlier, is that our body chemistry is rather unique and defeats most of the commercial products on the market. The real challenge is to find a product that can get past the differences we have and not cost our life savings or kids' college tuition. You know though, the biggest fear I have always had was the side effects. Did you ever see those commercials on tv that list more side effects than the medicine helped cure? Scary.

The other simple options are to embrace it and either wear the balding look or wear a hair piece. My ears are too large for me to get away with the bald look, so I have to figure something out. A hair piece just doesn't look natural enough for me to even try it out. Have you seen how bad those things end up looking? I recall seeing one up close and realizing how the color didn't match, the thing sat crooked, I was scarred for life.

There is plenty of info on the internet about the reason for baldness, etc. Take a peek and see what you uncover.

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