Hair Replacement Wigs As A Costume

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A good wig will complete any costume. They have the power to transform the mundane into something attractive, or, if you wish, they can do just the opposite by making something very ugly that’s normally beautiful. After applying your hair replacement wig, it will draw attention and admirations for the entire evening. Party goers have used hair replacement wigs for centuries to recreate a certain era, hair style, or idea, and today they’re as popular as ever. In fact, they’re available in party stores and online super shopping centers—which makes buying a wig that meets your tastes, needs, and budget easier than ever before.

Wigs range in cost from almost nothing to hundreds of dollars. The price variation is due to the fact that costume and wigs are made out of a variety of different materials. The cheapest wigs are made out of synthetics that appear to be similar to real hair, but they don’t act or feel like the real thing at all. They’ll be good for a couple of parties or so, but after that the wig will be so ragged and disfigured that you’ll have to get a new one. Better wigs are made out of Japanese Kanekalon fiber which is soft and supple and provides a natural look and feel. But the best wigs are, of course, made out of real hair. You’ll pay a lot of money to wear one of these hair replacement wigs, but many think it’s worth the cost because it makes their costume seem very realistic. And if properly cared for, genuine wigs will last a very long time. This is even more appropriate for temporary covering for cases of baldness.

Where is it appropriate to wear hair replacement wig as costume? Costume wigs are great for Halloween parties, theatrical costumes, dress ups, Mardi Gras, and for being fun and crazy on a Friday night. They can even be worn during religious and ceremonial events to attain a traditional look.

What kinds of hair replacement wigs are available? It depends on where you look. Selections in traditional bricks-and-mortar stores are limited, but it you look online, you’ll find pretty much anything you want. And I mean anything! Afros, witch wigs, mermaid wigs, Elvira wigs, Marie Antoinette wigs, Colonial wigs, and celebrity look-a-like wigs, such as Halle Berry wigs, Ahslee Simpson wigs, and Snoop Dog wigs, are all easily accessible on the internet. In addition to wigs, there are costume beards and mustaches for men.

By: Cherry Bonachita

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